Sunday, 18 May 2014

Involving Innocent people?

The Korris report claims I was 'involving innocent people', the reality is, the Korris report was written under Jane Fisher's direction, and turns the fact that I was turning to anyone I could think of as witnesses to try to stop the damage to me by Jane Fisher.
I have asked a number of people, mainly those who I was maligned to in Winchester in 2010/2011, to witness some of my side of things.
No doubt that will bring the same response from Fisher in five years of so when another one-sided investigation is launched in the press to glorify the Church of England to anyone who doesn't know them well enough to see through them.

The Diocese would rather I was seen as involving innocent people than the real reason, that I want my side heard, and I want witnesses, and their one-sided defamation of me has gone on long enough.
And they would rather I was imprisoned than got my voice heard and thus let people know the wrong they have done.

They involved innocent people when they launched their public attack on me and the Jersey Deanery, they have wrecked my life when the matter was in the past, and they have caused a lot of damage and money wasteage,

But is anyone going to do reports into them and publicly defame them?
It is left up to me to speak out, at risk of further unjust punishments, while the Diocese will never face punishment for what they have done.

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