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W-h-o's W-h-o in Jersey and Winchester 2 Bishops Dakin and Willmott

Bishop Tim Dakin: 

The man who has a lawyer as a chaplain, just in case, and so that abuse victims that the Bishop harasses can be dispatched without problem and the Bishop faces no consequnces.
Yes, Gavin Foster is a trained barrister. So basically anyone vulnerable harmed by the Bishop and Diocese have no redress.

Bishop Tim Dakin was announced by Downing Street on a stormy morning a few years ago, and by shocking coincidence, I was sheltering in the conservatory of people who knew him. I was not a happy person to hear about the Diocese at the time, seeing as I was homeless thanks to them.

In March last year, the Bishop had me illegally traced by the same police who destroyed me, and left me shocked and in collapse, this is typical of the Diocese of Winchester, they have no knowledge or understanding of the harm they do. At least I hope it is naivety that has allowed their continued damage and not simply stone cold cruelty.

Anyway, after having me illegally traced through the same police who harmed me terribly and refused my complaint against them, the diocese of Winchester had nothing to say to me, after taking away my new identity that had allowed me some escape from the terrible inaccurate and one-sided records they had given me, the diocese and police had nothing to say.

I discovered the Dean's suspension by chance as I was getting a lot of emails from Jersey and other places. I did not want to read emails and be dragged back into the past.
I was contacted by MACSAS, the useless abuse charity who had let me down and violated me alongside the Diocese, and they claimed that 'the Bishop wanted to help me and put things right' which was untrue, and I asked MACSAS if they knew what brown-nosing meant.

MACSAS never at any point had my permission to be involved with the diocese or as they were in London with my family and the local authorities, ensuring that the diocese could access me to defame me further in the Korris report.
Funny how so far, no one has respected my human rights and the legal side of privacy even though I am competent.

Anyway, I found out about the Korris rubbish (report) and it nearly killed me because it was a graphic and harmful misrepresentation of the Jersey situation, published online and circulated so that complete strangers were villifying me, meanwhile, in Jersey, a full scale campaign kicked off with me being villified, publicly wrongly accused in the press and media and the Dean being upheld by his political colleagues in the the States of Jersey where he sits.
This utterly crushed me.

After a few weeks, the Bishop still had nothing to say, and his 'barrister-in-charge' waffled aimlessly and claimed I wasn't being harmed by the smear campaign.
I could hear Jane Fisher in his words, she is the one who states untruths as facts.

The matter raged on, and for months, out on the streets, I lay curled up in misery, with every slur against me raging through my head and no defence, I tried and tried to write my story but Jersey was blanked through trauma, and Bob Hill, now acting as my mediator, only brought bad news every day until I was too traumatized to speak to him, he also did not get my side of things but relied on Korris, which hurt me all the more.

I phoned Wolvsley to beg them not to keep this up, to refrain from the repeat violations of my life that occured in Winchester.
The Bishop of Winchester then decided he would speak, threatening me with court orders that I knew nothing about.
Showing clearly that justice and righting wrongs could not possibly be the aim of the matter.
You don't launch such an investigation while stating that unjust and one-sided action that the victim does not understand is acceptable.
I told him so, but realised that Jane Fisher would be the one telling him what to say.

The horrendous charade proceeded, with a conflicted judge 'volunteering' to step in, Dame Heather Steel, and thus the Deanery rejoiced, my side was never to be taken, recorded or known, basically I was defamed and destroyed for 14 months for no reason, and the Bishop has never been able to communicate with or through my mediator effectively or take any notice of the harm he has been doing, or include me in the investigation.
Bob's blog has in-depth coverage of the mess that Bishop Dakin has made and the damage it has done.
I have repeatedly asked a number of people connected to the matter, and the police, to bring an end to it and to prevent further harm, defamation and damage to me. As yet, I have been ignored, treated as mad by the police as I was in Winchester.
Obviously they consider 'mad' people, deserving of harassment and abuse.

Bishop Trevor Willmott:

A conflicted Bishop, the former Bishop of Basingstoke. Now Bishop of Dover.

A close friend of JM who was deeply involved in this matter, his feelings for her and belief of her side of things would mean that he could not be neutral. 
JM used to say he fancied her and recounted him hurrying after her to say goodnight in the car park after a meeting.

His other conflict was that he was more than willing to join in cult games in the Jersey churches, saying what he was told to, for example 'I sense that there are people here tonight who are feeling fear, would they like to come up and be prayed for?' etc.
Manipulation which was prevelant in the unhealthy side of Jersey churches, American-influenced cult-church stuff, that is and was damaging.

When the Channel Islands split from the Diocese of Winchester, Bishop Trevor took over overseeing the Channel Islands, no doubt with lots of sympathy for them and none for me.
And so the charade continued.

Polo describes Bishop Trevor as Bob Key's new Mammy.

Interestingly enough, off topic, some people in Jersey do say that the Dean is a female, ie, the wife is the Dean, and things the Dean said in church certainly backs that up.
Thats a bit sharp, but while I thought of it, I wrote it.

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