Sunday, 18 May 2014

W-h-o'-s W-h-o In the Winchester and Jersey Disaster 1 The Scott-Joynts

Bishop Scott-Joynt: A bad tempered and irresponsible man who always managed a public mask of being 'kind'. Not a kind man, he refused to deal with my complaint and frequently tried to force on me that Jane Fisher's bullying, violation of my privacy and rights, condemnation of me and denial of what was happening in Jersey was 'Jane Fisher only being kind and helping me'.
Bishop Scott-Joynt repeatedly had police action against me for trying to get him to deal with my complaint, he retired and left me homeless, destitute and very much still suffering the injustice.
I continued to ask him to deal with the matter and tell him that a servant of God does not retire, and does not retire leaving someone suffering, he continued to have me brutalized and detained by police. Showing that he wasn't and never was, a servant of God.

Lou Scott-Joynt:
Lou Scott-Joynt was brought into this matter to 'listen to me' by Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt, and was given their inaccurate side of things, thus doing more harm than good, in fact her involvement was catastrophic.
Interestingly enough though, even though she was a key witness, she was noticably omitted for police actions as a witness although she should have been a witness, I have no doubt she was omitted because she wouldn't have been able to be dishonest.

Among some of the damages done by her involvement was her repeating the defamation by the Dean-Lihou-Warren collaberation that was used to defame me as a troublemaker and let the Dean and the Churchwarden off and brand me as a troublemaker, Lou Scott-Joynt didn't know my side but repeated the defamation passed on by Jane Fisher and her husband, who also never got my side of things or tried to,  Lou Scott-Joynt also said 'Oh, what did Bob do wrong?' implying that again her husband and Jane Fisher had let the Dean off, this led to me going to the Dean's house to ask why the Dean was so dishonest about his actions - this was used in court and claimed I went round there shouting and swearing, which I didn't, just as I never went to Wolvsley shouting and swearing, my actions in both cases were purely because I was being hurt and dishonesty about it were driving me mad with distress.

Lou Scott-Joynt continued to be a nuisance on my return to Winchester from Jersey, contacting my friends, and when I went to the police they did nothing, she also asked for the surnames of friends who remained with me, in order presumably, to intervene, but failed to.
She and her husband and Jane Fisher slandered and libelled me round winchester, claiming I phoned Lou, swearing, when I never did, and they omitted the abuse, the cover ups, and my autism from their defamation of me.
Funny how they get to have me beaten and detained for harrassment because I spoke up in reply, the basic aim of the beatings and detention in Winchester was to make me not credible and get me put away to prove it and thus cover up for making me homeless and destroying me.
The police repeatedly refused my complaints, hence me continuing to deal with Wolvlsey and the Diocese myself.

These posts are going to be painful and hard to write

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