Friday, 20 June 2014

The Safeguarding that the Church of England have promoted

I had a thought as I walked home from prayer meeting this evening.

The church of England launched a leaderless directionless series of cover-ups that they claimed were related to my case, and yet obviously were not as they omitted my side of things.
They told the world 'Thus shall be done to someone who reports abuse in the church' as they continued six years of destroyal.

But guess what? This blog and Bob's blogs about the matter, have ensured that thousands of people know the church of England is unsafe and unstable for vulnerable people!

So, I am safeguarding unwitting people against a dangerous and deceitful church, and my blog is running at over 36.000 views and is increasing.
Although the blog and the diocese are taking up all day every day without a break and I am hardly able to do anything else, even unable to enjoy the beach and the summer.

I would like to do a quick article regarding what to do if you are abused or have been abused in a Church:

  • Do Not go to the Church authorities first, you are likely to be treated with contempt and disbelief, and even if they claim to investigate, you may well find, as I did, that years later, nothing is done.
  • Go to the police, and at least get the case on record. Before you go to the church, this will force the church to act, because they do not want to.
  • Leave the church where you were abused if you are still there, it sounds cold but it is for your own safety and welfare, I left the dreadful church where I was sexually abused long before I reported it.
  • If you need survivor support, do not go to the UK's MACSAS charity, they are not geared to survivors and are more of a political movement, SNAP in the USA are caring but incompetent with communication, the best specific support is The Hope Of Survivors, which is an international charity. If you were abused as a child, NAPAC are an excellent source of support, all these charities are in my survivors links, apart from MACSAS.
  • Do not let the church fob you off if and when you go to them with your complaint, fight them and go up the food chain, one and all couldn't care less about survivors and have no understanding of abuse and vulnerablility, but they still have a duty of care to you.
  • Don't give up, if you have been sexually or physically abused, this is a crime, it is hard to fight a cold corporation like the church, but they are liable if you have suffered a crime at their hands.
  • If you have been spiritually abused, this is still a case you can take to the church. And they are obliged to keep a record, this may help in the future if anyone else makes a complaint. Survivors of Spiritual abuse
comments, corrections and additional thoughts are welcome.

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