Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Funny old world

Funny old world,
I wonder if, anyone apart from Stuart remembers, in 2008/2009, the Dean told the Deanery of Jersey that they were not to support victims of the Haute de la Garenne case.
This was basically very shocking, not so shocking to Jersey as that is the way it is there.

I queried this dreadful statement, and it was told that it was 'just about ensuring that evidence didn't get heard by the wrong people' etc.

In February last year, last year being the year when a disbelieving world saw the church of england try to glorify themselves through abuse victims, the Dean started waffling about supporting victims of abuse, and then the Korris report was published less than a month later.

Now, regarding the Korris report, I haven't checked, but I have been told it has been removed,
I was also told a while back that the Jersey Deanery were lobbying for it to be removed.

I asked from the moment I knew about it, in April last year, for it to be removed as it was inaccurate, defamatory and harmful and achieved nothing more than a devious safeguarding officer in the diocese of winchester trying to both cover her wrongdoing and glorify the Diocese, she failed.

My amendments to the Korris report were never added while it was left published on the Diocesan website for a year, nor were my requests for it to be removed as it was inaccurate answered, so basically if it was about me and safeguarding, why exactly did they refuse to safeguard me by taking it down?

The report was still published on the Diocesan website as recently as a month ago, as I have proof.

Funny isn't it, the church started waffling about transparancy last year in their 'year of glorifying the church at the expense of abuse victims'
and yet, what is trasparent is that they are cold, untruthful and completely directionless.

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