Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Jane Fisher

During 2008-2010 Safeguarding officer, Jane Fisher, told HG a number of untrue things such as that her abuser was a Christian who got things wrong - this is shocking because of the fact that Jane Fisher knew, but HG did not, that her abuser had a history of misbehaving with women and was under a church chaperoning policy as a result, the chaperoning policy was not at any time upheld, and the churchwarden was allowed, right from the start, to lead HG away from the church, while the Vicar and his wife watched, did nothing and did not alert HG to the fact the man who called himself her 'God-sent Father' was a man know to serially misbehave.

Jane Fisher repeatedly slighted and insulted HG and excused the hostile behaviour of the churchwarden's supporters and connections in the small community, blaming HG and telling her that her behaviour was to blame for the shunning, even though Hg was not actually doing anything to those who shunned her. Jane Fisher wasn't able to answer when HG questioned her about this, but Jane Fisher continued to blame HG, leaving her broken and depressed, and also angry.

The Bishop refused to do a thing about this, and allowed Jane Fisher to harm HG, it remains to this day that the church of england refuse to deal with the severe harm that Jane Fisher has inflicted.

In 2010 Jane Fisher, after repeatedly deceiving HG regarding a meeting with the Bishop, tried to force HG to attend a meeting in which Jane Fisher, instead of dealing with HG's complaints after 2 years, intended to inflict guidelines on HG and harm her more, all while neither Jane Fisher nor the churchwarden nor anyone who had done harm to HG on behalf of the churchwarden were investigated or disciplined themselves.

HG was not able to attend the meeting and was battered by repeated messages from Jane Fisher and the Bishops office who ignored the fact that HG could not get to the meeting due to only being able to get to and from work at the time.

Not long after this, Jane Fisher, in conjunction with Tracy, who had been HG's friend and mentor until Jane Fisher had hijacked the friendship, tried to have HG put away as insane again, and failed, leaving HG on the run in England with Jane Fisher illegally reporting her missing with no evidence that she was missing and without trying to contact her herself.

The Bishop and Jane Fisher then inflicted another police interview on HG when she returned, destroyed by the actions of the Bishop and Jane Fisher and Tracy, Hg had no understanding of the police meeting, only that Jane Fisher was being as vile and contemptuous as possible by trying to 'offer counselling' through the police she had just had HG traumatized by, especially as, at this late stage, counselling was of no use to HG 
who, because of her disabilities cannot relate to a counsellor anyway.

This left HG broken and it was not long after this that Hg was brutalized, imprisoned and deported.

This is some of what the Diocese never tell you, some of what Korris omits because Jane Fisher, the same woman who destroyed HG, oversaw the Korris report.

Just a little mention of the other rubbish report, the Steel report, who knew what was in it to bring an injunction last year? Jane Fisher.
Hence the report, which Bob Hill was told by Dame Steel, was being completed last year, suddenly being stifled, and rewritten, to defend a safeguarding officer who comitted serious misconduct, not least by accessing records and violating privacy and human rights of an abuse victim, and destroying her.
Hence the Steel report not being released last year, and the Bishop talking about releasing it now,
none of them give a damn about protecting the victim they destroyed, in fact the Bishop threatened me for barging into my life and wrecking it and me protesting. They only want to cover their own backs.

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