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St. Ouen Summer to Autumn 2009, welcome to the hellmouth

Well, I was sitting in the crematorium car park, talking to my new landlady in St. Ouen, making arrangements to go there and see the place, it sounded nice, but I already knew from two years of Jersey, and considerable property hunting and viewing, that it wasn't necessarily going to be all it sounded to be.

I wish I had known Bob Hill at this point, but I had no idea about government, I had spoken to Stuart Syvret a few times, and knew Jersey was harsh, but I kept taking the blame for the freefall situation I was in. And the landlady at St Lawrence had pointedly told me I had no rights as I was unqualified and she would treat me as she liked. I had replied by saying I would report her to housing, which seemed to hit home, because the condition of the place she ran couldn't have been legal, non-quals or otherwise.

Anyway, back to the new tenancy at St. Ouens, I went and viewed, well the room was lovely, but there were no kitchen facilities at all, and as many landlords in Jersey would say 'oh we usually have tenants from the catering trade' ie, forget proper facilities, you are non-quals.
I took the room anyway, and victim support, who were so hit and miss that they were usually more harm than good, actually got me a mini-fridge, and although it was designed not to be used all the time, it helped keep the milk cool for tea, it was summer after all.
Now this tenancy may help you to see that it was not just the abuse that drove me mad and broke me down, but also such bad experiences of tenancies.

  • Now if the tenancy at St. Lawrence was bad, this was evil.
  • it seemed good on the outside, it was certainly smart, but the high turnover of tenants was instantly visible.
  • The couple who ran the tenancies also ran a hotel in town, I can't remember which one. Then they had this place, which was like an old mansion-farmhouse, and they lived in part of the house and let the rest out to tenants. The house was in a beautiful location between St. Ouen's bay and the heathland up to Les Landes.
  • During this time I was being deeply distressed by Jane Fisher's bullying, deceitful and hostile attitude and was deeply depressed as a direct result of what she said. 
  • The other tenants were immigrants and I only ever saw one of them, he lived opposite my room and seemed nice at first.
  • The room was done like a hotel room, and in the first instance she said a cleaner was available to come in every week, and I asked to opt out of this as I preferred privacy, especially with all the paperwork for police and diocese matters being around.
  • I had warned this couple that I was autistic and would always be very quiet, and they said that was fine, but later tried to use it against me, as I will recall later.
  • I came home from work early one day, sick because Jane Fisher had hurt me too much for me to be able to work. Jane Fisher is the opposite of Bob Hill, Bob is calm and doesn't take things personally, he is not defensive, whereas Jane Fisher was obviously emotionally involved in defending church wrongdoing against my complaints, and she did it by personally attacking and insulting me. She shoudl not be in her job and she made me sick.
  • So anyway, I arrived home to find the landlady hanging around on the landing outside my door. She greeted me, asked what was wrong as I was home early, and I told her I was in a battle with the church, and she replied by saying how she was a Christian and sometimes went to the chapel up the road, well she certainly wasn't a Christian, that couple were as cold as ice, no Christianity or even humanity in them, as I was to find out.
  • Anyway, the landlady seemed very sympathetic and wanted me to talk about it, but I didn't want to talk, I wanted to hide in my bed and wail miserably.
  • Thankfully that time she took the hint and left me alone and told me she was there if I needed her.
  • But from then on she became intrusive and was in my room a lot, I would come home and she had been in there most days, adjusted my things and looked into my things, sometimes left a note, I was not happy, but what can you do when you are vulnerable?

  • It got worse though, it was bank holiday and I got home from somewhere and parked my car in it's place, and the other tenant from the room opposite approached me as I was doing something to the car or getting something from the boot.
  • He was completely drunk and stark naked.
  • He said hello and I spoke politely to him, but he wanted more
  • He came after me and he got raging mad because I was not interested and he wanted me to look at him and I wouldn't
  • I went into my room and he chased me and hammered on the door, swearing and shouting.
  • He kept this up for a while and I was traumatized by it, I was alone in the house, the couple were out, this man was naked and drunk and violently beating on the door and threatening me. Now I have heard lies from the Deanery about me being like this, but reality is that I am a very anxious person who was already traumatized.
  • Eventually this man stumbled to his room to sleep it off, and I put a note through the couple's letterbox to let them know what had happened.
  • The next thing I knew, they were back and threw him out on the spot, no notice, he was simply gone, well he had behaved badly but making someone homeless with no notice is not Christian or even human! Basically I realised I was in a precarious place there, and it wasn't long before it was my turn, now having worked out that they did this a lot. I have never known a place like Jersey for lack of human rights, it is remeniscent of the third world in that respect.

  • So, all this and the Diocese and Deanery harming me and messing up my life and me traumatized by the regression, abuse, police actions, shunning in the community, and the actions and attitudes of the church, both Diocese and Deanery. Autumn 2009.
  • I am so traumatized that I am not sure I can even remember the next bit coherently.
  • Air Display Day, I remember, I obsessively avoided the churchwarden couple and was thus up at Noirmont to watch the display, even though I would have got a better view from the bay, but actually it was less crowded at noirmont, which was good for me.
  • Things had been very strained where I lived since they kicked the naked man out, the woman persisted in coming in my room, and claimed she had to clean as I didn't keep it as clean as she liked, she continued to go through my posessions and I cannot recall what, but something got broken by being interfered with, and I had complained about that.  She appeared to be curious about the churchwarden and church case and had riffled through paperwork and files, and my computer had been switched on and not switched off correctly.
  • Anyway, as I watched the air display, I saw big clouds of smoke from the direction of the airport, and I was very worried that a display plane could have crashed, anyway, after the display, I headed home, and realised that the smoke was coming from the Les Landes direction.

  • I headed for home but the road was closed because the fire was right up by the house where I lodged, the fire was directly across the road from my home, and at the time I didn't know if the house was even safe, huge amounts of heathland were engulfed in huge flames, and firefighters were working to put the flames out.
  • Eventually I was able to get home. My window had been open and the room was full of ash. 
  • The couple who ran the place were in a furious mood and ranting, but not just about the ash, which was not my fault, they were just boiling over with anger and general nastiness, and not all of it was aimed at me, they were people with problems.
  • The burning heath across the road was a huge shock to me, it shook me, I was by now very very traumatized as Jane Fisher continued to lay into me and I was shunned in the community by my abuser's many and varied connections. It was all getting close to the last straw.
  • I do not recall exactly how the rows broke out, but this couple were not just very nasty and narrow, they were violent and threatening.
  • I had not done more than asking for privacy in my room, metioning something had been broken, and also to mention a problem with the tap in the bathroom, and for some reason they switched the stopcock to the tap off without telling me, I turned the tap on and was puzzled no water, turned it off again, and on, forgot which way the tap turned and left it, meaning to speak to them about it, and one of them came in without talling me, switched the stopcock on and blamed me that water went everywhere
  • This is when it turned violent, with them yelling, threatening me with the police, yanking the cable out of my laptop as I worked, which did switch it off as it relied on mains power, and so I phoned victim support as they shouted and shouted at me and I sobbed, they grabbed the phone off me and started yelling at victim support.

  • Victim support came round, and in the meantime this couple went away, telling me I was to leave within a day.
  • I was utterly and completely shaken, basically, no-one can go on living in this kind of free-fall into hell.
  • Well, Victim suipport knew more about rights than I did, and they told this dreadful couple that I was to have the normal week or was it two weeks notice and Victim support would be watching.
  • The couple told them that that they didn't understand why I was so quiet and didn't come and speak, and I told victim support I had explained clearly to this couple that I was autistic and would never say much and that I was quiet to extremes and the couple had acknowledged that, I also explained that this couple knew what I was going through with the church.
  • Anyway, that was nearly the end, the couple avoided me for what was left of my time there, they did only one more spiteful act, they took my clean washing that was drying off the line, I saw this, but was not going to have a violent confrontation, I never saw my washing again.
I cannot begin to describe to you how horrifying and harmful all of this was, and this is without mentioning too much about the damaging church situation.
My next stop was a family home in St. peter, with  a considerable amount more success, I had only been in St. Ouens, for a few months.

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