Thursday, 19 June 2014

Churches that Abuse.

It's an American Book, ot focuses on manipulation and control in church. It is a hardback book, the author is Ronald M Enroth.

The first example of the book is 'Pastor Phil' and immediately I am back in Jersey.

He leaps on the stage with his earrings and long hair in a ponytail, proclaiming about 'troublemakers who he could point out'.

Oh yes, I remember troublemaker sermons in St. pauls and St. matthews, one clique or another doesn't like a person and does a sermon to give them the hint to leave.
The example at St. pauls, wasn't a sermon preached at me, I do not know what unfortunate person it was aimed at, but I do know that that behaviour is Godless and callous and makes a church no more than a club that can choose it's members.

And the bit about getting High on God, God is not just there for a trip, He is not just there to be used to manipulate people as the cult churches in Jersey used His Name to.

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