Friday, 20 June 2014

St. Clement 2009

I have to note, before I continue, this description of where I lived in Jersey does not include the full story of the churchwarden and the police etc, nor even the full story of what I was doing in my life, but that will be added, I just thought some of the background and miff-busting might help people to understand.

  • The new year dawned, 2009 and I was suffering because of the cold room I lived in and now without a car and very shaken by everything.
  • Then my landlord broke some news.
  • My landlord had been told the results of a paternity test, the young woman who he had assumed was his daughter was indeed his daughter and she was on the UK mainland and he had decided to go and live there with her.
  • He was Jersey-born and I asked him would he not miss Jersey? He looked at me and he told me that Jersey wasn’t all sea and surf and fun and that he wanted to leave Jersey, the only thing he would miss was low-water fishing. He and I had spent many happy hours low water fishing together and cooking and eating what we caught.

  • So here was a new crisis, the flat was on the market and I was struggling to find another room, really struggling, especially as I was not earning anything.
  • I was suicidal, life was hard to live and I could not go back to England again, I had settled in Jersey and I would be no better off back in England in the deep recession and unable to afford anywhere to live and unable to find work, benefits in England were about £50 a week and after previous mess-ups with housing benefit I would not have been able to struggle to apply for that again.

  • It seemed like I had completely lost my fight to stop my adoptive dad misbehaving as he had before and would again because he refused to be responsible and the police hadn’t done anything about him. So, with everything so bleak I was suicidal.
  • March 2009 Suddenly the flat was sold and I was facing homelessness within a week.
  • It was also traumatic that the landlord was suddenly going, he had been good company.

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