Friday, 20 June 2014

St. Clements - poetry

This is about my Memory of Jersey, and how things are now:

It's a static dream
I am there at St. Clements bay
the wind howls, bitter and freezing
and my heart and soul freeze

I have been here forever,
it invades my dreams
cold and silent
the frozen bay in winter

sometimes you are there with me
and I try to reach you and tell you
that I miss you and I don't understand
and don't know what happened

but the snow and blizzard get in the way
and my voice goes unheard
and the bay is frozen, frozen sand and water
and my frozen heart and soul on the bay

I guess the thaw will never come
and we will stand there frozen in time
in my dreams forever
when my heart and soul died there

And the Answer, 'The Great Ship Bay:

It is always warm here, always summer,
on the Great Ship Bay
I sit on the wall and watch the tide and ships
often my friends are here and they say hi

We walk in the tide and swim
and the Great Hill rises, more sheer than noirmont
dark and green to meet the clear blue sky
and sweep dark and brooding to the sea

we are here now, and past and future are no matter
this is our home
this is all we want
this endless summer and our sea and hills

we don't need the gripping sadness and fear
that the Great Grim Church continues to send
just as they did on the frozen bay all those years ago
when I was alone and broken, that was then, this is now

let it be summer now, in the end,
and let the frozen bay be a distant dream
we laugh and play at the water's edge and I know
that this is all I want forever

you see, I went through the darkness and anguish
I walked the empty streets and ate from bins
and came out into the glorious sunlight
and came home.

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