Saturday, 15 March 2014


I know Jane Fisher and the haters will use it to make me out to be mad (and in their narrow world 'madness' is a crime, hence the police beatings and detentions and record).

But it amuses me that I will be 33 in 4 days time and have been travelling homeless for 3 year and have faced mocking and torment from the 'pharisees' in the Church of England, basically, am I following the path of Jesus?
Do I indeed have to ride up to Winchester on Good Friday, to be crucified?

Yeeks, someone get a strong donkey and a while sheet, and some palm branches! :)

Nothing learned in 2000 years, the pharisees still govern and still publicly crucify.

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  1. Yes, you would have some odd company on either side of you, but unlike the case of Jesus, these two would both be going in the same direction.