Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Book of Mormon

Well I went to the town to get food.
I was accosted by some Mormons on the way, you know how Mormons get you backed into a corner and talk to you? (no offence to any Mormons reading this, but you do, don't you?).
Anyway, by the end of the conversation I had nearly managed to convert them, I will try again next time, if they don't hide when they see me.

As the mormons educated me on how a prophet called Tom...? was now leading the army of Christians, I asked them a question that stopped them dead in their tracks.

'Did Jesus or St. Paul or any of the New Testament Apostles prophesy that there would be prophets such as Tom...? or others that the Mormons believe in?

Wow, talk about deathly silence, for all of 30 seconds!

They told me that this was a good question, and then they changed the subject.

I wished them blessing and told them that God had placed me in my church and I had to obey Him, and we parted company in a friendly manner and they were not going to follow up as they usually do to people.

Better than Baptizing the Jehova's witnesses.

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