Wednesday, 4 December 2013

mainland Europe Diocese, lets help the Channel Islands Deaneries out of this mess.

Apparently my blogs can be odd and intense and things.
But so can I, so thats ok :)

I will not boast in anything
no Yorkshire
no channel islands 
no Switzerland...

Anyway, breakfast was porridge and lunch was fish and rice, so I have enough energy to sit here and assist in arranging the transfer of the Channel Island Deaneries to the Diocese of Germany.

The German Diocese have a lovely lot of prayers on their website, I really like some of these prayers, so I will return to them later.

Dear Diocese of Germany,

I am sure you are aware of the troubled Channel Island Deaneries and how they are considering leaving the Diocese of Winchester because of a fall-out over my treatment when I was abused in a Jersey church.
The Deaneries are considering a move to belonging to a mainland Europe Diocese.

I wonder, would the Diocese of Germany consider accommodating the Deaneries of Jersey and Guernsey?
I think it would be a good fit, because the language barriers appear to be less than with some other Dioceses in Europe, your website is in good clear English, for example.

I think it is important for the Deaneries of Jersey and Guernsey to be transferred and have authority which they can respect as soon as possible, for the sake of ordinary church goers.

The current rift is damaging the Church's image.

Would you like to approach the Diocese of Winchester about this matter?


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