Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Guernsey? Gosh!

Tony did a blog. I struggle with the blogs because all of them have inaccuracies and incorrect views, and I am autistic, so I get frustrated, but Tony's blog was good because it made me into a human being again.

Today I am not well, no energy at all and in pain, I woke up knowing I was quite sick, after starting a walk last night and running out of energy after half a mile, so I will rest today, but I will rest and blog, I will say more about Guernsey, seeing as Guernsey are politely reading my blog.

Hello Guernsey, I am not sure what your gache cake is for at all, but never mind. :)

One summer I spent a great day doing photography on Guernsey.  Photography was one of my hobbies, I knew nothing about photography, I just loved taking photos. And Guernsey is very photogenic, as is Sark, especially with the heather or Gorse in bloom.

I think Bishop Dakin should say to the Islands 'Go on, join another Diocese if they will have you! We may lose the tithe but we also lose the expenses!'.

'And under the new German diocese, the churches in the Channel Islands are now conducting their services in a mixture of German and English and are happy to be free of Winchester'.

I will get lynched for that.

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