Tuesday, 3 December 2013

anything and everything

Someone has done a petition.
For human rights in Jersey.

Although I am not sure if Jersey people can sign it?


This is not my petition by the way.

Change subject.

This morning I walked an hour and a half to get a food parcel. Some people did not believe that when I told them, because it sounds so third-world. But it is true.

I do not mind walking that far and that long, I do not really mind how desparate my situation is in some ways, because I am usually able to find some sort of resource to help myself, but there are people in Calcutta and Africa and other places who cannot even get a food parcel if they walk for a day or more, who cannot even get clean water, whereas, clean water is generally the law here.
So I know, and always have known, that despite grinding poverty and holes in my only trousers, I am well off in comparison, and I am grateful.
God help those who are worse off than me.

But I do have to rest now, because I have very little energy. Once upon a time I was diagnosed with something, M.E. or fibromyalgia or virus or something, all very vague, but whatever takes my energy returned with a vengeance when the Diocese started hassling me not so long ago while I had been waiting to be destroyed by the Steel/Bailhache report.
I know you have to fight back to M.E. and I do my best, but I get tired just being awake.
My friends this morning were worried I was falling asleep, so they got me to set up for toddler group, and I had great fun causing multiple vehicle pile ups on the play mat, but I am out of energy now.

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