Friday, 6 December 2013

anything and everything

As I just put on twitter, bless you Guernsey, I will hold off doing a post called '10 things to do with Guernsey Gache' for the moment.

I wish someone would come and tuck me in my blankets and read me a story :)


  1. Here is part of a story for you.. all about the pagan past...and the dolmens of Jersey.

    3000 BC at the Dolmen

    The tribe can rest now, and our stone temple is complete. Into the side chambers, the tribal priests will place the grave goods - amulets, bracelets, and some of the bones of the ancestors. The fires will burn brightly down the passage, and we will chant the sacred songs, and the past will be very close tonight. The air is thin between this world and the next, and we build this to remember the past, our ancestors who will always be with us, and as long as stone will endure, may not be forgotten. Most are buried in earthen graves, but these bones are a token, a sign for the tribe, and it is enough. At the turning of the sun, at the matching of the night and day, and especially at the cross quarter day when the nights are growing long, we shall see the patterns in the stars, and know that it is time. We shall gather with the shades all who have gone before, and all their hopes shall be our hopes, and we shall pray for a good harvest and a mild winter. The fires will burn bright, and we shall remember them.

  2. Those Dolmens that I visited, eagerly learning Jersey's history, Hogue Bie and the museums, Tony's comment reminds me of Hogue Bie and the sun rise :)

  3. Bob got ratty about me leaving a :) as a comment on his blog once. :)


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