Saturday, 7 December 2013

Peter Ould

Every time I see the red P with a cross symbol show up on my blog feed, people reading my blog because the Church of England Vicar who blogs about sex and jeers at me and rubbishes me is referring them to my blog, I always think 'Surely that is a Satanic Symbol'?

Looking it up, sick because of looking through archives of Satanic, demonic and occult symbols, yes, it is strikingly similar to a number of demonic symbols.

 There are many similar, and it does not surprise me, this man who has never met me but has rabidly judged, belittled and rubbished me is no Christian.
The cross over the cross is symbolic of wiping Jesus out.

Satan I forbid you
From Heart and Mind
from House and Home
I forbid you,
and your advocate 
Peter Ould,
and his works and empire,
I curse Peter Ould's wrongdoing
and misleading work
that misuses Jesus' Name
In Jesus' Name
I command an end to it

I do not believe that any person who does as Peter Ould has done in condemning me without having met me or heard my side, can stand before God. He is like a school bully, not a representative of God, and he can mock this post, call me mad and do what he likes, but he will not change the fact that he is going against God in his attacks on me.

Psalm 69.

What Peter Ould does against me, he does against Christ, and his own faults as he judges what he percieves mine to be, are glaringly obvious.
I should not waste energy or sadness on this lost man, Peter Ould, I should pray for him and ask you to do the same, because no matter how he judges me, he is going to face much worse before God for acting as he does while he is an ordained priest.
There is nothing right about an ordained priest harassing and insulting someone he has never met, and there is nothing right about him blogging about sexuality, and there is nothing right about his judgemental behaviour and spreading of libel and untruths.
Psalm 69 prophesies how Jesus was treated by the pharisees, and nothing has changed.

I pray that Peter Ould repents and renews his commitment to God. Amen

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