Monday, 2 December 2013

Crazy talk

Good evening,
I am not getting my energy these days, so it is hard to write.

I need to say something about the Church of England. It is a bit blunt.

The church of england are not going to house me, people need to get over this, being very blunt, being housed by the church of england would be the same as thanking a rapist for raping me.

The church of england gave me a criminal record, and would not stop violating me and driving me out, they lost me so much, including my bank account and car and licence, why would I let them house me in order that they can tick a box to the public?

After what the Diocese of Winchester did to me in Winchester, driving me out of everywhere, publicly humiliating me and having me brutalized and locked up, I would have to be insane to allow them to put me somewhere, know where I am and have me slandered to my local community and churches so that I could go back to being spat on as I was in Winchester when i returned from Jersey to the Diocese's cover up in Winchester that left me shamed and humiliated at their expense and to cover their backs.

Please, can the crazy talk about my destroyers being able to pretend to help me stop?


  1. I completely understand - as you say, it's too late. Thank you for making the blog public as it has helped me to understand your situation. I am glad you now have support. Let me just say that I share your views of certain clergy in Jersey.

  2. Hi Emma, Thank you for your comment. Lets hope that those certain clergy consider things and change a bit, even for their own sake.