Tuesday, 27 January 2015

For the Diocese of Winchester

I may not Win.
You may kill me.
But I am going to make it my mission,
while I live,
to be a thorn in your side.

I will be 34 in two months time or less.
Jesus was crucified while he was still 33,
and you have been re-enacting the Pharisees scene,

In brokenness, in death, triumph will come, but not for the Pharisees of the Church of England.
Judas broke his neck, Jesus rose on the Third Day, the Pharisees of Israel died out but Jesus Lived Forever.

So will reconstructing a situation see the strengths and weaknesses reversed?
Will I be dead by March?

Wrecking Ball Diocese:


For those who are new to this dirty war between diocese and Deanery with me caught in the middle, look no further than THIS BLOG for comprehensive pictorial guides:

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