Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Bishop of Winchester's lawyer dies suddenly

Er, no, he wasn't a lovely man, he aided the Bishop of Winchester in LYING TO A COURT OF LAW.
You sent another man to hell, Dakin, now he has to line up behind Scott-Joynt to explain his wickedness in aiding you in destroying me.
How did I find out that this unlovely man had died, well I contacted him about taking the Bishop back to court.
He died suddenly ten days ago.
I am normally respectful of the dead, but not of any of the increasing numbers of dead church of england members who abused and destroyed me and have never faced justice.

My sympathies to his family, if they are Christians they sadly won't see him in the afterlife because of his deliberate dishonesty in harming me on behalf of the Diocese of Winchester.

I guess this is also why the Deanery of Jersey are baying for my blood again, maybe they think a different lawyer will advise the Bishop differently.

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