Sunday, 25 January 2015

A brief letter to Trevor Willmott

Dear Bishop Willmott,

I hold you personally responsible for the continued harm to me.
I would like you to explain why one of your church members, Michael Birt, is using his position as Bailiff to continue to harm me, and why your Jersey Deanery are so keen to have a report published if they don't know what it in it? Of course they do, because the Steel report was a whitewash concocted by a little circle of freemason-judiciary-lawyer-church members including Dame Steel, Michael Birt, Philip Bailhache, the Dean and Gavin Ashenden, the last of these, Ashenden clergy-lawyer, is apparently causing a lot of trouble in the Normandy Diocese, just to add to his life's work of hurting people and not being in the slightest bit concerned for their humanity.

Now that you are 'in charge' you can launch a proper investigation.
You can investigate why the Dean 'apologized' and was cleared after 'apologizing' , you can also explain why the Dean 'apologized' to empty air, and failed to inform me, as did the Diocese of Winchester, of this 'apology' and then you can tell me what the 'apology' was for when he was then cleared, and then you can tell me why the Church of England, still having not told me of this 'apology' kept this apology up on their website for many months, at least until I objected and asked for it to be removed as the Church had no right to be glorifying themselves through a fake apology that I never received, when they had 'cleared' the Dean anyway.

It is interesting that you have taken over the overseeing of the Channel Islands but have never contacted me about my experiences there, and have allowed the Church Times and Jersey media to go on harming me as a result of the inaccurate rubbish known as the Korris report, and that you have not made sure that the Jersey and general public know that the Korris report is not an accurate representation of events, neither is the conflicted Steel report. Maybe it is about time you did.

Maybe it is time you, as Bishop of the Channel Islands, let the conflicts of interests be known to the public. 

Start with these few:

  • According to Juliet Montague, you were infatuated by her and took every opportunity to spend time with her, she made it into a joke in the church room. She took me out of college to replace her step-daughter, Sally, who looked just like me but who Juliet's violent husband, Sally's Father, had driven from the family after allegedly abusing her as well as taking his temper out on her for years. I then suffered abuse at the hands of Juliet's husband, and his temper, while Juliet, who was supposed to be my counsellor but obviously wasn't, blamed me. As you can imagine, already deeply damaged and vulnerable, this meant my young adulthood was the same as my childhood and as a result my problems became more severe. Nothing has been done about your sweetheart, Juliet, or her husband, who laughed at me in the street when I returned homeless from Jersey, I was homeless and branded whiel Jane Fisher protected him and I lost all my old friends in Winchester while the church protected him, paid for his keep, and destroyed me beyond belief, it is only a miracle that I am here to recount that, I survived only by going on the run and changing my name, and in two years before Jane Fisher and the church launched on me again in 2013, I recovered enough to fight back stronger this time. I saw you in Jersey one time, at one of the abusive cult churches, and again you are conflicted because you went along with their games, so of course you wouldn't see their manipulation as a safeguarding issue. You were told what to say by Heather Warren, as people with 'signs' and 'words' usually are, and you told people you 'sensed that some people there had 'fear' so you told them to come up. So how can you oversee wrongdoing in the Channel Islands and bring justice? You can't if you are on the side and in agreement with people who manipulate and spiritually abuse the vulnerable. Is any of this in any report by the Diocese of Winchester yet? No, do you know what the Korris report accuses me of? Abusing my abusers.  Does it include my side? No, so as Bishop of the Channel Islands, you need to comission a report that gives my side, to counter the slander I have suffered and the damage I have suffered.
  • Is the General public aware of the Chief Minister being part of a church closely allied to the cult churches where I was harmed in Jersey? Are they aware of how the Steel report was arranged by the church-lawyer-freemason-states clique that included the Dean, Philip Bailhache, Michael Birt, Gavin Ashenden and others, abusing dual roles and none of them having met me but all of them playing a part in this report? 
  • How exactly is a safeguarding report that ruins a vulnerable person for years and excludes her got anything to do with either safeguarding or what really happened? And How is a church counsellor who is not qualified to write a report and makes it clear she doesn't understand autism independent or competent to write a report, how is a Jersey judge who is close to the Dean's supporter's independent? How does the church explain the glaring conflict of the advert by the Church laity advertising Dame Steel as representing them? When did the UK  take into account their lack of knowledge of Jersey connections, for example why did they allow my abuser's nephew, a prominent man, to be involved in the Jersey investigation? 
  • Why was there an illegal liason by Dame Steel and the police, who treated me unfairly and kept proven inaccurate reocrds, I have not consented to access of my police records by the church and it has been illegal as well as the same police officer 'appointed' by Dakin illegally influencing Jersey's sham safeguarding board to whitewash the terrible way I have been treated.
Now, this is a very very small sample of the horrific misleading of the press and general public by the Church of England, at my expense, the wrongdoing of the church has cost me my adulthood from age 19, after an even worse childhood, and now, aged 33 and still suffering at the hands of the Church of England, the question is, when are you going to let me live?

Would you like to act to stop this sick mess or do I have to take you to court? You are now the Bishop, along with Dakin who seems to still be involved, and I will take you both to court unless you stop your mouthy church members such as Sir Michael Birt, from causing me harm. 
Of course he wants the report that he and his colleagues spent hours and thousands of pounds on at Jersey tax payers expense, of course he wants it published, they worked so hard to utterly destroy my character as if the Korris rubbish, Jane Fisher's personal cover-up, hadn't done that already, of course they want to triumph publicly at my expense, and on the subject of conflict, you were the Bishop of Basingstoke, working with Jane Fisher all those years while Juliet kept me as 'her daughter' and ran to you for help when her husband got nasty because she said that 'Wolvsley were cold to her'.


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