Monday, 26 January 2015

Ashenden, the specialist 'peace-maker'

Nice to see Ashenden still keenly reading my blog from the Middle East, where he is probably stirring trouble there as he does in Jersey and Normandy as well as doing his usual effort to get acclaim for himself and build his ego.
He is the face of the Church of England, a cold-hearted and dishonest troublemaker, who damages the vulnerable and has abused his power in order to harm me and protect a wrongdoer, and yet the Church see fit to let him wear a dog collar as he continues his charade and his harm.
But he is only a small part of the massive wrongdoing, a small part, yes, I have heard that too, which is probably why he has to be so nasty and unChristian.

Funnily enough, this Jersey blog is timely, and funny:

Ashenden has been trying to force himself into a position in the Diocese of Normandy, hurting people there and behaving very badly, after behaving very badly in Jersey. It is very funny that he is now showing off as 'peace envoy to the middle East' and showing up on my blog feed from there for some unknown reason tonight, well, not so unknown, his efforts to get the Steel report published, the reoprt that he contributed, helped to co-ordinate to without ever having met me while I was not included in the Steel report, that is why he is reading my blog, because of my reaction?
He reads my blog, I can count Ashenden as a fan, a regular reader, who avidly logs in while others in the Jersey Deanery distain it :) He runs on a firefox and Vista feed.

Yes, there are still safeguarding issues in Jersey, Ashenden is one of them, with his cold and unacceptable behaviour, his public shows of trying to exorcise the mentally ill, his mysogany, his bullying, his lack of people skills, his dishonesty his deplorable behaviour in the Dean of Jersey's case. It is hilarious that he is in the Middle East, maybe they can keep him?

Those who don't know it, he is a lawyer who wears a dog collar, and he used to be chaplain to the Queen, and he doesn't do well as a Parish priest anywhere as he is not a people person but thinks very highly of himself, far more highly than everyone else thinks of him.

Here is the letter that made him whimper about the Bishop owing me and the Dean of Jersey and apology in 2013, after he himself had behaved outrageously to me, slandering me on BBC Jersey:

And here is Bob's illustrated version of it:

I think it is time that the Diocese of Dover dealt with all the safeguarding issues, including Gavin Ashenden, and if Bishop Willmott can't face actually doing anything about the Channel Islands situation, as appears to be the case, then he needs to hand it over to someone who can. Because, hey, I am not counsellor to the poor Diocese of Normandy who he has been trying to burden with his arrogant presence and I am tired of hearing their dismay as he marches in with his nose in the air.

The Church of England really aren't representative of Christianity any more. Ashenden is a real marker of that.

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