Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Church are keeping very quiet about...

'Savile had ties with Calderdale. He often used to visit St John’s Church, Cragg Vale, for which he raised thousands of pounds, and was an honorary church warden. He was a popular figure in the Calder Valley right up until his death. In the 1970s he had a caravan parked outside the Hinchliffe Arms Cragg Vale..'

Which may be one of the reasons why Butler is so keen to hijack the national CSA inquiry, and why the Church have already got through two National CSA inquiry chairs, Woolf and Butler-Sloss, and will probably elect the next one very soon. Will it be Heather Steel?
The church of england have made such a loud noise about safeguarding but as they continue to destroy me, there is no sign that they even know what safeguarding means, and their noise and their excuse for tampering with historic files is only to prevent outside inquiry and mislead people into thinking all is well in the church.

As yet, no-one has ever mentioned this link, the church are keeping very quiet while making such a huge pretence of caring about abuse and victims, all while destroying me for my abusers,
The situation in Jersey is that big powerful men like Savile are getting what they want and killing a silenced victim.

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