Sunday, 25 January 2015

A letter to the JEP, who should be looking at the Bailiff's failures in Justice regarding the Care abuse matters

Dear Editor,

I am writing regarding the comments of the outgoing Bailiff in the JEP.

I am HG from the Korris report.

The Bailiff uses his outgoing comments to bring the Church matter to light and in the wrong light yet again,abusing his dual positions in the town church and States/judiciary once again.

What he fails to mention is, he is both a member of the Town Church and part of the circle that includes the Dean, Sir Philip Bailhache who held dual roles in church and states and abused the dual roles to libel me in the JEP in his 'Open letter to the Archbishop' and used his legal expertise to ensure the Dean was cleared.
 Dame Steel was a colleague of both Sir Michael Birt and Sir Philip Bailhache, and was thus conflicted, therefore Sir Michael Birt is incorrect in saying that there is no reason for the report not to be published. He should not be acting in this conflicted manner. 
I am well aware that he and Sir Philip Bailhache and that conflicted circle of States-Judiciary-Church want the report published, and the reason that they want it published is that it is a work of art in cover-up for the Dean at my expense.
I was not interviewed in this report any more than I was interviewed for the inaccurate Korris report, these reports are simply the Church playing at doing their duties and are nothing to do with what actually happened.  The problem was, the Diocese of Winchester had no right to do what they did, and the States-Judiciary-Church clique were able to turn it around to suit them.

The JEP have reported extremely negatively on my case without consulting me for my side of things, and have published repeated slurs of me and basically acted on behalf of the church and this little States-Judiciary-Church group, but the fact remains that these people are not always right, the Dean did commit misconduct, and it has not been investigated or dealt with fairly.

And Sir Philip Bailhache is famous among abuse victims's for his care of Jersey's reputation above their welfare, as was the case in my case too. As a member of the church, he showed what Christianity is not by defaming me publicly, and going on to influence the report by his colleague Dame Steel to protect the Dean.

I am aware from the attitude of the JEP to my case that you are unlikely to ever publish this letter, but I will.
I would like the JEP to stop causing me distress by reporting one-sided on this matter and dragging up the horrendous mess the church have made, I have suffered enough trauma already.


PS Due to concerns for my safety and welfare after the massive smear campaign against me aided by the JEP and other media, I can't give an address.

The JEP article:

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