Friday, 30 January 2015

An open letter to Luther-Pendragon

Dear Luther-Pendragon,

This is an open letter to you as well as a call for the Bishop of Winchester to resign.

For the past two years you have aided the Bishop of Winchester, Bishop Tim Dakin in Destroying me.
Why? Well because he employed you to protect himself, thus completely and utterly missing the point of Christianity.
He employed you to protect him at my expense.

I have spent two years being smeared in the press by the Jersey Deanery and Bishop of Winchester and you have actively aided this attack on me, I am vulnerable and destroyed and yet you continue to harm me for the Bishop and on his behalf.

When is it going to stop? Because while it goes on, you are responsible for the harm to my health.  Jointly responsible with the Deanery of Jersey and Diocese of Winchester, who's war you have only made worse by misleading and annoying people.

You are also responsible for taking the money of a Church who claim to be 'A Christian Presence in every Community'  While they are too busy spending money on cover-ups to care about the poor and vulnerable, let alone use that money to help them.
The Church are thus invalidating themselves.
Jesus didn't need a PR firm to negotiate for Him, He faced his enemies boldly and directly, but the Bishop has lost sight of Jesus as he continues to make me suffer, and thus it is time for him to go.

I should not be voiceless as defamatory reports are released, nor should I be under threat of defamatory reports. You are aiding the Diocese of Winchester in destroying me over and over again, every time I try to pick my shattered life up, they start again, and it cannot go on and on indefinitely. It is not acceptable and it is heniously wrong and criminal.
It is time you got the Bishop to close this matter, to stop making me live under threat of whitewash reports to save his skin. It is time you all grew a conscience and put an end to my suffering by getting the man to announce that his whitewashes are not going to be released and that he is making a timely exit and the matter, despite being unresolved and unjust, is over.

If you continue to harm me on behalf of the Bishop of Winchester, you will be responsible for any harm that I come to, be that death or breakdown, homelessness, murder by people who have threatened to come after me because of this matter, or any other harm.
The collective damage to me by the Church of England from when I was aged 19 to now is absolutely horrendous, after growing up in hell, the Diocese of Winchester have robbed me of my adulthood and are robbing me of my life, and no amount of money paid to you by the Bishop and no amount of expertise on your part in covering up for the Bishop and releasing misleading, harmful, defaming or incorrect reports will change the damage done.

If you are not capable of ceasing to harm me on behalf of the Diocese, then eventually you will have to answer to a court of law for it, and no matter how pathetic that sounds, it is surprising what one voiceless autistic person can do, if you doubt that the Voiceless can ever rise up and conquer, look at what Stephen Hawkin achieved, and look at the fact that the Diocese have wasted a million pounds so far  on settling nothing, and a lot of that million has gone on YOUR FEES.

It really is time for the church to stop showing themselves up by publicly flogging me and using you to aid them in it. I am one broken and permenantly damaged person, who will find life an unhappy struggle for the rest of her life, the church should be ashamed of themselves, and so should you. There is nothing Christian and has been nothing Christian in the two groups of wealthy old men either side of the English Channel squabbling like little children, being blatantly dishonest and savaging me while they are doing so.
It is time for this charade to end. Stop supporting Bishop Dakin in destroying me, he has done wrong and he can throw million after million down the drain and crucify me publicly without changing the injustice into anything but injustice, and without having rectified the fact that his reports and your press releases are nothing to do with what actually happened in Jersey, especially as they override my side of things and leave me voiceless and exclude my views.
The Bishop may be good for your bank balance, but you and he are doing blatant and criminal harm.
You are responsible for the way I am being defamed, misrepresented and depicted as 'metally ill' and the rest of it. You are responsible for stopping your client, the Bishop of Winchester from behaving in this criminal way.

All the money in the world won't change the fact that Korris and Gladwin are not independent and did not include my views, nor were my views added, and Steel is a conflicted member of the tight circle of judiciary-church-freemason-government clique in Jersey and was nominated by her colleagues there to prevent a genuine investigation and vilify me to protect the Dean and church there. Nor will it change the illegal actions of the Bishop and Jane Fisher, nor will it change the fact that all intrusions and actions against me are without my consent and the Bishop cannot claim to be safeguarding me or anyone because he excluded me from the whole investigation and allowed conflicted wrongdoers to take over and protect themselves and each other.

I am appealing for you to stop your part in support the Diocese of Winchester in their seven-year run of heniously criminal and dishonest behaviour. And although I feel that by nature you are there to act dishonestly for huge amounts of money, it doesn't change the fact that you are supposedly human and should have consciences and compassion, a slim chance but I will write anyway, and I will publish this letter and it will remain circulated no matter what happens to me, and I will present it to a court of law if it comes to that.

Now that you are aware of my extreme concerns about the criminal harm that you, Luther-Pendragon, are aiding and abetting, you have an obligation and a duty of care to stop the harm and to stop aiding the Bishop in harming me. Stop making damaging and inaccurate press releases and stop aiding the Bishop in threatening me with serious and criminal harm through the Steel report. The Steel report is an act of criminal defamation, it is not a safeguarding report, it is done by a colleague and supporter of wrongdoers in Jersey and is deliberately done to defame me and exonorate wrongdoers, I have not been sent a copy to amend or add my views because basically the Bishop simply intends to destroy me with it to get him off the hook for his seriously devious and criminal behaviour towards me and the Jersey Deanery.
He can find another solution to his wrongdoing, for example, taking responsibility for himself, I don't believe he has thought of that, has he? So his resignation rather than his murder of me through defamation, would be a much more honest and Christian approach, and it would set an example to a very devious, abusive and dishonest church, who abuse the public through lies and propaganda in the press with impunity, and you are failing the church anyway in your see-through dishonesty and theirs through you.

I believe you are responsible for that ludicrous 'Lost, last and least' press release last year, which is an eternal headstone to Dakin as a Bishop, showing just how arrogant, patronizing and condescending the church can be, as well as how misleading, as the Bishop proudly claimed to have provided support to me, when in reality he had illegally referred me to the NSPCC, tried to force this referral on me, and had effectively trashed the therapy and support that I was already receiving.

It's up to you, Luther, I can imagine you responding to this with a nasty dirty attack on me in the press for the Bishop, but it is a fight to the death now, I am going to fight for my life now, I am not threatening anyone with death, the term 'death' in this case means the Diocese closing the matter, the death of a two year long charade by the inexperienced and arrogant Bishop of Winchester or my death at the hands of you and the heniously criminally behaved Bishop of Winchester if you choose to continue upholding him in destroying me.

Again, please stop the silly press releases and agreements that harm me to save other people's skin, it may be what you do for a living, but no-one has the right to put a life at stake as you are doing, nor to force my death as you will do if it doesn't stop.



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