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Third Formal Letter to the Bishop of Winchester

Dear Bishop Dakin,

I was already drafting a third letter of warning to you as I have had no assurance from the church that you will stop harming me.
Then the news from BBC Jersey is that the churches in Jersey are pushing for the publication of your whitewash Steel report.

Please bear in mind that the Steel report is nothing to do with what actually happened in Jersey and is a cover up by Steel, done in conjunction with her colleague Philip Bailhache, a strong supporter of the Dean, and a church officer as well as a lawyer and states member.

You are not to release any defamatiory report that breaches my human rights and leaves me ill, broken down or in danger of death, as the Korris report did, the Steel report is a very expensive act of wrongdoing on behalf of the church, at my expense, and the only reason the Jersey church would be so keen for it's publication is that it was done to cover up at my expense and 'exonorate' the Dean, and was done without my input because I was told it was conflicted, if I had not been told, then despite the blatant cover up of Jane Fisher's misconduct in the Korris report, I may have been naive enough to go along with Steel and let her do as Butler-Sloss did in the Chichester report. 
The Steel report, as it is nothing to do with my case and what happened to me, is a breach of my human rights and is taking my name in vain and deliberately ruining me when I am already broken and living in abject poverty.

Therefore, you are not to release it, or any other report or oversee the release of it or any other report, if you warn me that you are going to, threaten me that you are going to, or release any report, I will take you to court again, or I may apply to the court for protection as a result of the Jersey church pushing for this whitewash to be released.
And think about it, why would they push for a report that could potentially defame their Dean? Well, because they, and the Dean know, the report clears the wrongdoers at my expense, and contains no input from me, the report is done by the clergy-lawyer-church-freemason group in Jersey, who have limitless power, it is not independent as Dame Steel is proven not to be.

Throughout this matter you have not been independent, you have not included me or my side of things, not in the Korris report, which you refused to even amend when I did hear about it and make a complaint, and not before that, when, if you could have me traced by the police to try and intimidate me after the release of the Korris report, you could have had me traced by the same to include me in it, instead of lying to a court of law that efforts had been made to include me in the report.
The same goes for the Steel report and the Gladwin report, I was not included, Gladwin made a token effort because Bob Hill pushed for it. Steel tried to illegally access my advocate's records regarding things she was not even investigating, and caused me trauma, before snottily inviting me to meet her when I complained, despite the fact I was asking her to step down as she was conflicted.

You are to stop allowing me to be harmed by threats of this conflicted report and other whitewashes including the Gladwin whitewash mark 2, he did one for Chichester, and the sham safeguarding board in Jersey's whitewash, done in conjunction with Jane Fisher and your 'appointed officer' who you had no right to appoint to illegally access my inaccurate reocrds with Steel. Your actions have no only been illegal but have been a severe breach of my human rights, and I am going to fight you until the risk of me being defamed and destroyed yet again is over.

You have not bothered to respond to my concerns and you lied to a court of law at Winchester about the situation, and that and all the other factors show that whatever this charade has been about, it has not been about safeguarding. You have destroyed me over and over and over again, left me crippled, ruined, and living in fear, and actually it is time that this living in fear is stopped, it is time that the police or courts or a national agency stepped in, prevented you from harming me and launched a REAL independent investigation into this whole matter. 
As yet there has never been an outside investigation into the church of england, at all, and the church misuse the word 'independent' with people like Gladwin, Steel, Korris, Butler-Sloss and others, to mislead the public and to prevent outside investigation. A notable case of this was the recent effort to tamper with historic records to do with confession and clergy, with the claim that these would be 'independently audited', well if the church don't know what independent is, and they keep angling to avoid investigations such as the National CSA inquiry, which incidentally elected two Church of England position holders in a row, both of whom had to step down because of other conflicts of interests, then it is time an outside agency stepped in, investigated personally what the Diocese of Winchester have done to me and covered up for years.

I will return you to court within the week if I feel in any way threatened by this continued threat of being destroyed beyond repair, your non-independent Korris report nearly finished me off and this continued threat to me after everything you have made me suffer, is too much, it is time these attacks on me stopped, it is unChristian, it is dishonest, it is illegally to destroy a vulnerable adult this way and leave her living in fear and suffering severe psychological harm, and it is to stop. It doesn't matter if the condition of 'The Dean being delighted' about the Canterbury agreement in the press was that you release your whitewashes in reply, what matters is that the church are continuing to behave in a devious, unChristian illegal and abusive way, and I remain omitted from all reports and silenced as acts of contempt and destroyal such as the attack on me in the Church times and the jeer by the unpunished Jane Fisher adding me on twitter and this recent 'request' by the unpunished and unrepentant Jersey churches continue.

Eventually my side will break into the media, even if you do as I strongly suspect you would try to do to during this matter, silence me as before, have me arrested and imprisoned, eventually, no ,matter what you do, I will speak and be heard, and I will keep speaking, because you have throughout this matter, done me grave and serious harm. Anyone else among the vulnerable, who can't speak or write, would be silenced and destroyed, and many have, in the church's history of abuse, many have committed suicide, branded mentally ill by the church as a result, and many have ended up homeless and in psychiatric wards, and Jane Fisher did her very best to discredit me as mad and have me put away, but here I still am, speaking, and I will speak, even if only through the Jersey bloggers even if I die or am imprisoned. I won't be silenced and I won't let you destroy me.

Now please announce that the Steel report is not valid, announce in the news that these whitewashes are not valid, stop making me live in fear, announce that these reports that exclude me are not viable and make that an end to your horrific harm to me, I am copying the police who you have used to destroy me in on this email and despite Hampshire constabulary being openly corrupt, they are a police force, they do have a duty of care to the vulnerable and they are to stop you harming me, or the court are to stop you harming me, either way, I am asking for protection, from the corrupt police, from the court, from all recipients of this email, from all national agencies and I am asking you to stop leaving me at threat of harm. No-one onthis earth is made to endure this kind of serious harm, not a murderer, not a rapist, so why should I keep being under fear of press and public slander and destroyal? It is wrong. The Steel report is nothing to do with what happened to me in Jersey nor was it ever intended to be, if it had been you would have met with me instead of lying about that, and you would have made sure I was heard, and you deliberately didn't, instead you threatened me when I begged you not to violate my life as Jane Fisher did in 2010 and 2011, acting illegally and getting me a record for my reaction, a record and the police brutality that I will NEVER be able to live with, and yet you then went on to illegally violate my life some more AFTER threatening me.

If you like I can send a copy of this to every diocese in the country so that they can act as witnesses, it cost me about £50 to do that last time but the more people who know I am living in fear as a result of your misconduct, the better.

Bishop Dakin, you, your and Bishop Willmott's  Jersey Deanery under your joint juristiction, your staff, employees, safeguarding officer, and anyone in connection with you are to cease to harass and annoy me with defamatory and inaccurate reports and the threat of their release, you made those reports using my name in vain and without my side being included, you are not permitted to take information from my blog to claim you included me, you are to announce that these pathetic attacks on me, these defamatory whitewashes that include illegal liasons with Jersey police, are at an end and no further defamations and attacks on me are to occur.
The action of making me suffer the threat of these defamatory reports counts as abuse and counts as harassment, it is a matter for police and safeguarding authorities it is a matter for the courts, to make someone suffer this way for this long is henious, it is serious abuse and the damage to me physically, mentally and materially is serious and severe.

Please note that this is a written warning and will be followed by  court action if the police and national authorities do not act. Please also note, that my psychological report is freely available, both the one done in Jersey before I was made homeless and the more recent one, so continuing to use the 'madness' slur that church and government traditionally use against victims is not going to excuse this. I am not mad, I am autistic, suffering severe trauma, I have behavioural and psychological issues, I was dangerously regressed to childhood in Jersey by my second abuser in the church, and then Jane Fisher destroyed me to cover up. Nothing has been done by church or police about Fisher, it seems both are protecting her.

Steamrolling the poor and vulnerable is a horrific thing to do, you have done it to me, and to others, and yet you collectively claim to be followers of Christ. 

The reason I send this email to so many people is the reason I always have, because I want witnesses to how I have been treated and am being treated. I have suffered the Church of England since I was 19, and that is so many years of abuse and cover-ups, and it should have stopped when Jane Fisher drove me from the Church of England and from my home town by slandering me after having me imprisoned and left homeless in 2011.

Due to the very serious nature of this ongoing destroyal of me, a copy of this will be sent to 10 Downing Street and the Queen and the Home Secretary. Eventually, after years of pleading, someone, somewhere must stop this destroyal of me by the Church of England, and wipe out all the whitewashes and lies and inaccurate reports and let me live again. My whole adult life has been marred by abuse, cover ups and blame by the church, and being patronized, controlled and sexually, emotionally and spiritually abused by well off old church people has prevented me from getting the help I need to develop into a healthy adult, unfortunately the damage is done, and for life because of the record the church got me while protecting my abusers, I do not need to be destroyed by reports, I am crippled and my life is limited forever.

The Diocese and Jane Fisher have had years to cover up, tamper with evidence and prevent themselves facing any action for what I have suffered, but I still have a story to tell, and I am waiting for the very very belated outside investigation into this matter. The Korris report was a classic example of uncontrolled cover up, published internationally and sent to the police as fact, all illegal in many ways, and yet, nothing has been done, the Korris report and the Dean's apology were used by the diocese and church to show off at my expense, until I objected and took the diocese to court, there has been no apology.

Jesus please protect me from my destroyers, who stand up and preach in Your Name while guilty of destroying me and remorseless about it, no conscience, no love for You or justice.

Surely other people can see how ridiculous it is for the church to be allowed to go on destroying me and making me live in fear unchecked,with my side being ignored despite my request to be interviewed independently of Steel, who was known to be conflicted, and while the Bishop refused to add my amendments to the Korris report, while he lied to the court that Korris had tried to contact me to include me in her report?!
I have been abused and destroyed in the Church of England as a vulnerable adult since age 19, I am 33 and they have robbed me of my adulthood and character and left me ruined in grinding poverty and living in fear, it is time someone stepped in and stopped this criminal theft of my life. The Church do not know how to safeguard as they are generically a club for the elderly and well-off, they treat the poor and vulnerable as less and subject them to an apatheide where the poor and vulnerable are not allowed in church people's houses and not told why, it meets the insurance conditions but segregates the poor and yet abusers who are well off and keep the church running are allowed in church houses. The Diocese of Winchester have never safeguarded me, they destroyed me and safeguarded my abusers, Jane Fisher is responsible for me being branded for life and thus limited for life, by an inaccurate and terrible police record that does not tell the real story. Why should I be subject to further damage? It is laughable that AFTER I made my second formal complaint against her, she was allowed to illegally refer me to the NSPCC without my consent, as if they could help me or I would accept help from anyone influenced by her, and it was done only because the Bishop needed to claim in yet another inaccurate press release and to the authorities that I had been 'offered help'. 

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'HG' from the Korris report. 

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