Friday, 18 July 2014

A message for the Bishop of Winchester

A message for the Bishop of Winchester.

Please note, you are still harassing me and thus in danger of penalties.

The sham safeguarding report in Jersey was initiated by you and your diocese, another whitewash that would omit Jane Fisher's wrongdoing.
You thus need to stop this harassment by stopping this whitewash sham report, which declared quite some time ago, without my side of things, that it cleared the police of misconduct, and went on to say in February it was nearly complete, and claimed to be trying to contact me, and only recently, after finishing the whitewash sham report, because the sham safeguarding board heard of the possibility of me giving evidence to the Jersey Care Inquiry.

So, unless you want to face penalties, withdraw the sham whitewash that you launched against me along with the Korris and Steel whitewashes.

And remember, I am still waiting for a genuine investigation into what happened to me, one that includes my views and does not lie about Jane Fisher or the police or what really happened.
And also remember, the genuine investigation is going to be tougher now that you have allowed evidence to be tampered with by Fisher, Steel, Gull and others who you have allowed to hijack the investigation,

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