Monday, 14 July 2014

Independent Review of a
Safeguarding Complaint for
the Diocese of Winchester
March 2013

This Review was written by Jan Korris.
I wish to thank the following for their valuable insight and support with this Review,

Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss
Suzanne Dennis BA Msc BPSCPyschol MBACP, Snr. Accredited Supervisor
Professor Chris Thompson, Chief Medical Officer and Consultant Psychiatrist Priory Group
Elizabeth Hall, National Safeguarding Advisor

and the others who have offered considerable assistance with the task.

The Diocese of Winchester recently claimed that Jan Korris tried to contact me to include me in her report.
Funny then, that when I contacted her about the report last year, she didn't mention that, but told me she would forward my amendments to the Diocese. The Diocese never included my amendments.

This is my recent email regarding the Diocese's recent claim that Jan Korris tried to contact me, there has been no response:

Dear Jan Korris,

As the diocese of Winchester continue to relentlessly injure me and remove my quality of life, I am emailing you to ask,
By what means did you attempt to contact me to include me in the Korris report before it was published?

If it was by phone, did the diocese make you aware that I suffer dysphasia and thus cannot use a phone properly, and also that the diocese's police action against me for continuing to ask for Justice and for Jane Fisher to leave me alone led to me having my phone confiscated and thus the diocese lost the only number they had for me, which incidentally left me at very high risk as a female rough sleeper without a phone.

Also, if you tried to contact me by email, which email address? I have every email sent and received, including junk ones, since 2008 and earlier, and your name and email addresses have never showed up.
I am quite sure that unless the diocese were being extremely incompetent, they would have told you that I cannot use a phone for conversation until I know someone's voice and even then it can be tricky, so if there had been a genuine attempt to contact me, it would have been by email.
Please could you forward your attempted correspondence of your effort to include me in the report before it was published.

Thank you so much.

Just to remind you, the Korris report was defamatory and incorrect and remains published internationally and has injured me and will injure me for the rest of my life, please do not ever launch such an injurious and unprofessional attack on someone you have never met again, you and the diocese do not seem to have any idea what such a horrific misleading public flogging on top of what already happened, can do to someone and I remain broken by it and still being relentlessly injured by the diocese.

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