Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Jersey's whitewash mafia

last words until the next attack by Jersey's whitewash mafia.

The police officer who illegally helped the conflicted Dame Steel, friend and colleague of Philip Bailhache, to access my inaccurate Jersey police records, and whom the Bishop grandly claimed to 'Appoint' to assist Steel despite protests that both Steel and Jersey police were conflicted and that I did not consent, is the same police officer who is on Jersey's sham safeguarding panel, and, especially as he wasn't in Jersey to witness the inaccuracies, the stich-ups and has presumably again illegally accessed my inaccurate records, the whole thing is a farce, designed to clear wrongdoers, especially in the police where repeated blatant misconducts and conflictions occured.

So, who is going to get this mafia to stop harassing me? Especially as they would not have even contacted me if the care inquiry had not been in town!

anyone reading this, please report, publish, do anything to get the sham safeguarding board to stop blatantly destroying me

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