Sunday, 13 July 2014

Dame Butler-Sloss -The Great Church Abuse Sleuth?

A few Months ago, Lady Butler-Sloss was sent this letter, and failed to respond:

Since 2011 I have contacted her on numerous occasions regarding the appaling handling of me and my case by the Diocese of Winchester.
I received no response to last year's complaints.

In 2011, the response was a rebuff and the church continued to harm me, this was immediately before the Sussex beating and detention for continuing to ask the Church to deal with my complaint and continuing to beg Jane Fisher to be free of her interventions.

From: STEVENSON, Maggie ( You moved this message to its current location.
Sent:28 June 2011 13:05:54

Dear ** ********, your email to Lady Butler-Sloss has been forwarded to me as I look after her in the House of Lords and at present she is at home recovering from an operation and unable to do anything until much later this year.

Lady Butler-Sloss has asked me to thank you for writing to her about your circumstances.  Unfortunately she is unable to help you but she hopes your situation can be peacefully resolved and things improve for you.

With all good wishes,

Maggie Stevenson | Secretary to Lady Butler-Sloss |
House of Lords |Tel:   020 7219 3156 |Fax: 020 7219 0785
Mob: 07813 170933

And later on, without getting back to me on the matter, Dame Butler Sloss influenced the Korris cover-up.

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