Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Church and the CSA inquiry

Dear Bishop Butler,

I object to you and your church choosing one cover-up merchant like Butler-Sloss after another to hijack the national CSA inquiry and protect the Church of England.

The Church of England is an abusive organization, which has blatantly destroyed and villified me, excluded me from inquiries and handed them over to my abuser's supporters, and failed at any point to gather my full story and balance the inquiry, you have also continued to employ the safeguarding officer who destroyed me for the sake of cover up, who also, with Butler-Sloss and Korris, mainly covered up her wrongdoing that led to me being left homeless and destitute.

Until this matter is resolved, the Church of England have no credibility, and furthermore, being such a shambolic organization for safeguarding, being an organization which has covered it's back through people like Butler-Sloss, being an abuse-ridden and damaging organization,and destroying me through safeguarding, I object strongly to your involvement in the choosing of a new chair for the CSA inquiry.

I have yet to hear you speak regarding the Butler-Sloss whitewashes or the way the Diocese of Winchester and Jersey Deanery have ripped my life to shreds and villified me.
Currently one particular ongoing harm to me caused by you and your church is a whitewash safeguarding 'investigation' within Jersey into the way the authorities treated me, this report, which has yet to be released, was already written and the clearing of wrongdoers announced, in February, and within the last few weeks I have been contacted, so that the sham safeguarding board can put on record that they contacted me, this report was instrumented by you and your church and you are liable for the further harm that it will cause me, on top of the massive wrecking of my life in the press that your whitewash Korris and Steel reports, influenced by Lady Butler-Sloss, a colleague of Steel and her friend Bailhache who led a smear campaign against me to protect the Dean, has caused.

Those who don't know it, Steel is conflicted judge who was nominated by Philip Bailhache, Jersey Senator-Jurat-Church officer associate of my church officer abuser abuser and friend of the Dean, to ensure that the Dean was cleared and I was utterly publicly crucified.
Butler-Sloss a colleague of Steel and Bailhache played a part in the Korris report and was acknowledged as such, the horrifying, inaccurate and unprofessional Korris report ripped my world apart when the Diocese of Winchester and Jane Fisher had it published, with no thought whatsoever for safeguarding and my welfare, 
the Korris report was proudly displayed on the Diocesan website despite omitting my views and despite my protests and despite the Diocese refusing to add my amendments sent to Korris and from Korris to the Diocese -evidenced.

The Korris report was only removed from the Diocesan website very recently due to a legal bid. This too is evidenced, the Korris report remains published internationally on a number of websites and has shamed and defamed me in a way from which I will never recover.
The diocese lied to a court of law in claiming attempts had been made to include me in the Korris report, obviously none of my amendments were added and there is no record or evidence that any effort was made to contact me. 

My side remains unheard and I object to Bishop Butler and Archbishop Welby making any pronouncements about the CSA in the meantime.
Archbishop Welby claims that more abuse will be uncovered in the church, of course it will, the church have silenced victims for years, refused and delayed complaints and treated victims like dirt, I am not the only one to have been sent mad by abuse and proclaimed insane by the church, not by a long way, I can NAME others who have! 

Now, why, when the Church have not resolved this matter, taken my complaint and done a proper inquiry on my behalf, is the Church, who's representative Lady Butler-Sloss, still playing a part in influencing the national CSA inquiry. Survivors want an inquiry, not another whitewash and cover up like Butler-Sloss-Steel-Korris-Bailhache.

Those who are not aware of who Philip Bailhache is, he is a Jersey senator, member of the judiciary and also church officer, who used his role of senator to support the dean and church in which he was an officer, by running a smear campaign against me, writing a letter full of untruths and inaccuracies to the Archbishop, who accepted his letter, and headed a press-based smear campaign against me, for the Dean and for the church officer who abused me, I suffered massive harm as a result and was voiceless against this defamation of me that resulted from the Korris report being published and the Bishop of Winchester attacking the Dean and Deanery of Jersey, an inexperienced Bishop given a diocese and role he wasn't fit for, attacked his own deanery publicly over my case, without even meeting me or getting my side of things, and the result was the smear campaign and Philip Bailhache appointing his friend and colleague Dame Steel to damn me and clear the Dean and other wrongdoers.
The Bishop then threatened me for begging him and his church to leave me alone and not do a repeat of ther prolonged act of harassment and breaches of my human rights in 2010/2011 which the Diocese of Winchester, with the safeguarding officer who commited these breaches of my human rights leading them, did not include in ANY investigation. While I am left scarred by police beatings and detentions inflicted on me by the police on behalf of Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt because I protested their interference in my life and breach of human rights, as well as persisting in asking them to dealwith my complaint. Which, to this day, they haven't. The Korris report does not deal with my complaint and conveniently omits Jane Fisher's illegal actions.

And, last year AFTER my second formal complaint against safeguarding officer Jane Fisher, she was still working in her role, unsupervised, unreprimanded and was allowed to illegally refer me for 'help' to the NSPCC, as if a children's charity could help an adult who is scarred for life by the very woman who illegally referred her! 

The church need to get ther house in order before they have the right to get involved in things such as the National Child Abuse inquiry. 
The Church of England looks silly and yet they keep shouting in the press.

  •  Women Bishops were elected because if the Church had refused, the Government would have forced it on them which would have made them look worse. 
  • Welby is pre-empting all the suppressed and silenced Church victims coming forward by making headlines, look bad doing that or look worse when they do?
  • The Church had Butler-Sloss nicely in place, oh dear, her Chichester cover-up was blown as a result, what about her Winchester cover-up? Who will the church now force into position to lead the inquiry and protect them?


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