Monday, 14 July 2014

update 1/ The press would love a Bishop.

10 to go on the Jersey petition, and the Ould troll is pathetically yapping, must be doing something right! :)

Peter Ould hasn't retired from being an interfering asshole then.
Trolls tend to yap when things get serious and things get uncovered. I am not afraid of the Ould Bully, and I curse whatever malicious spirit upholds his attacks on vulnerable people and situations that don't concern him, in Jesus Name, and pray that he leaves his school bully ways behind and become a Christian, in Jesus Name, amen.

Actually, since Peter Ould is such an abuse apologist and attacker of survivors, maybe it is time that inquiry eyes start to look at him, to start with, his attacks on me have been a form of abuse, a re-abusing and harassing of me on behalf of the Jersey Deanery, and now he doesn't want Jersey investigated? I would say he is guilty of misconduct, and so I will remind his employers of this.

The press would love a Bishop:

On the subject of trolls. The person insulting me on twitter came back, through someone else and apologized, they said they had got me confused with someone else.
How odd.
I couldn't work out how to unblock them though.

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