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Part 2 CSA/church inquiry

Dear Bishop Butler, 

Amendments to my previous statement:

I mentioned Archbishop Carey at one point, I meant Archbishop Welby.
Which reminds me, I have omitted the assisted dying bill from my previous letter.
To be honest, the church have no right to be shouting about the vulnerable and assisted dying, they have wrecked my life beyond repair, repeatedly nearly driven me to suicide,
that is a case of the church assisting a vulnerable person to die, and I have hung on with my life.

For those of you who don't already know, I am disabled and spent 3 years as a rough sleeper, with the church still hounding and violating me, and due to the inaccurate record they got me, I was branded and unable to seek help.

A note on Jersey, Philip Bailhache, previously mentioned, is a trained lawyer and Jurat as well as church officer, Ian LeMarquand, his colleague who is Home affairs minister, oversees the police who treated me terribly, he is a church of England reader and also a long time friend of my abuser and was present when my abuser was sacked from their church for misconduct before moving on to the church where he met, groomed, regressed and abused me, claiming he was healing me.

Now an example of Jane Fisher destroying me goes right back to the start, when she knew my abuser was a serial abuser but was blaming me to try and shut me up, is Jane Fisher, Church of England Safeguarding officer, telling me that my abuser was a Christian who got things wrong, validating a serial abuser against his victim, you wonder why I went mad and gave the church of England an opportunity to villify me and invalidate and destroy me?! 

It was this continued behaviour by Jane Fisher and the Scott-Joynts, combined with the police's behaviour, for example, the day they EMAILED me the results of their investigation into my abuser, they violently brutalized me and flung me in a cell, claiming to be justified by me being suicidal, is that they way you treat someone who is suicidal? Or is that how you treat the person who spoke out about your overseer's friend abusing them? You wonder why I went mad, there is a lot more of that from the police and Jane Fisher, all omitted from your reports, because you excluded me from your reports, to protect people like Fisher, Scott-Joynt, etc, 'The press would love a safeguarding officer'.

Now can you imagine what would, what has, what can happen to anyone who did not find a voice through emails and keep speaking and speaking and speaking, as the church continued to have her attacked by the police, and who is still speaking now as the injutice continues after 6 years that has shattered her life irreperably?
You yourself are conflicted, just as Jimmy Saville prevented his own victims from accessing the NSPCC, 
where do child abuse victims or victims of Jane Fisher, I can name a few others, go for help? Where do people more voiceless and vulnerable go for help, when I, who has continued to speak remains silenced, unheard and without redress or a fair inquiry? You oversee Jane Fisher and you have done nothing, despite being copied in on hundreds of emails of protests to the Diocese that have not been responded to with a fair inquiry into my complaints!

You, as safeguarding chair are responsible for the following:
  • Jane Fisher destroying me, you not investigating, reprimanding or restraining her, aware of your relationship with her from your time in Southampton where she lives, and you lived, where you were Bishop, within the Diocese of Winchester
  • The inquiries so far, all conflicted, unbalanced, omitting me, and all done within the church, with the public misled by the Diocese calling them independently led inquiries, which none were, Steel-Bailhache inquiry, Korris-Fisher-Sloss inquiry, Gladwin inquiry. For the public's benefit, John Gladwin is a retired Bishop who worked with Butler-Sloss in the faulty chichester inquiry, Butler-Sloss also influenced the Korris report and is likely to have been involved with both Gladwin and Steel.
  • The general ignorance of one and all in the Church of England to my condition, and disabilities such as autism, trauma and mental illness and learning difficulties.
  • Many many misconducts not noted in any report so far as I am omitted.
  • The failure of Lady Butler Sloss and others to act on my concerns in 2011, and others at other dates, even to pass them on to the authorities.
  • You are responsible for providing a conclusion for the inquiries above which are no more than a cover-up campaign that has wasted a quarter of a million pounds without including my views, my story and half of what has happened is completely omitted, basically I am villified, my story is not told and the church have used the campaign to glorify themselves and claim good safeguarding, how utterly appalling, to spend that money on a whitewash while leaving me on the streets as a result of your church harming me, and in terror of further press defamation, you have profoundly damaged my life and health.
  • Providing a proper inquiry, this is now a responsibility which I charge you with, and you are to include me, include my terms of reference and you are not to appoint anyone conflicted.
  • Withdrawal and scrapping of the whitewash Gladwin, Steel and Glenys Jonhnstone inquiries, you and Glenys Johnstone who is having me further defamed by a whitewash into Jersey safeguarding is a colleague of yours and undoubtedly the arrangements were made between the two of you and probably Jane Fisher, all of you 'safeguarding colleagues and all of you conflicted and with my interests and welfare the last thing on your mind.
  • Consider, if this damage can be done to someone who can write as I am doing, what happens to the voiceless and silenced in the church? The church needs to change. Before they continue to shoot their mouths off about CSA inquiries or anything to do with the vulnerable and children.
  • You are responsible for the inexperienced Bishop of Winchester's mess and resolving it, and you are responsible for the harm to me.

These are partial terms of reference for the inquiry that you are being charged by me to bring, these are initial terms of reference:

  • Why was there no investigation into the Montagues, also colleagues of yours in the Winchester Diocese, I met you when I was with them, this was at Southampton when F. Montague was told to take me to Southampton alone after I had reported his abuse of me to J Montague, and further abuse nearly occured. This whole matter is explained away in the Korris report as me abusing their good nature or some such defamation, J Montague was my counsellor as well as being a Vicar, and took me home to her husband despite knowing that his estranged step daughter has accused him of abuse and she made no bones about his violence towards her. This was not me abusing anyone's good nature, it was me being vulnerable and a counsellor crossing her boundaries and taking me home to an abuser she was married to and knew it, his temper was no secret within the Rectory, I went from my cult upbringing to vulnerable in the church and abused. This is to be investigated.
  • The omissions and inaccuracies of the Korris report.
  • The comission and continuation of the conflicted Steel report.
  • The Bishop's repeated misconducts, untruths in the press including claiming to have personally apologized to me, and alloing of untruths by the Jersey Deanery and press. A small example includes the lies about support for me and the appallingly arrogant labelling me as 'lost last and least', that label does not fit me, it fits a deceitful and arrogant diocese. Who are you, in this dreadful deceit and contempt for life under the guise of safeguarding, to label me as such?!
  • Investigation into Jane Fisher's unprofessional behaviour, jeering, telling me my abuser was a christian, lying about Bob key's position, violating my friendships and professional relationships, acting illegally in doing so, lying to police and court...this is an exhaustive list.
  • Why Jane Fisher, having done this damage, was able to influence the Korris report to exclude herself and her behaviour and influence a terrible damaging report that rather than being a safeguarding report, is a victim destroying report.
  • Why Bishop Scott-Joynt and Jane Fisher did not deal with my complaint, left me suffering and maligned in a small community where my abuser and his church and connections had influence so I was outcast, and instead of dealing with my complaint, the Bishop and Jane Fisher got me an inaccurate and one-sided police record.
  • Why the Korris report omits this and gives an inaccurate account that soft-soaps the police and their behaviour.
  • The full situation of Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt's illegal actions in Winchester and the terrible and irreparable police brutality I suffered as a result of standing up to this and continuing to beg for them to bring justice as I was broken, branded and their liason with all churches and homeless services in Winchester, illegally with council and police, and with my friends, left me outcast, shunned and crying with shame, while the police's one-sided actions and refusal of my complaint in favour of Fisher and Scott-Joynt's account that I was mad and bad, has left me seriously injured psychologically. 
  • The lies told to the court in Sussex by Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt, again with me voiceless, brutalized and refused a counter complaint as Fisher and Scott-Joynt again tried to have me put away as insane. This point and the previous one are omitted from Korris as is me being left having an asthma attack in a cell with no inhalers and my daily inhaler refused me. Lies by the two wrongdoers include them claiming to have tried to help house me, despite their intervention behind my back being illegal, harassment and driving me from housing services and homeless services.
  • Why, even when I went on the run, I was not freed from interference and Jane Fisher was able to influence social services when they were begged by me to protect me from her continued interference. The same with the police, who were and have been, given complaints from 2010 onwards against Jane Fisher and the Diocese, some of which you have been copied in on. 
  • Why the police have refused to act and protect me from harassment and defamation by the church when they have been so quick to brutalizen and imprison me for responding to it
  • Why the distress the press and media attention and resulting lies and rumours and slurs, some from complete strangers, has not been addressed as a safeguarding issue harming a vulnerable adult and why it has not been stopped as a result, you have been copied in on hundreds of distressed emails on this matter.
  • Why I am still living in fear of the next press/defamatory report that is inaccurate and harms me.
  • who is connected to who in the Jersey Deanery and Winchester diocese, as no report shows the tight connections and conflicts of interest!
  • Why a very insincere apology from the Dean was never passed on to me by the Church or diocese but was put on the church and diocese websites to glorify the church, while Bishop Dakin threatened me, then finally answered my request for no further illegal intervention, ignored my second formal complaint against Jane Fisher and allowed her to illegally refer me to the NSPCC, an insult in that they are an abusive charity and Jane Fisher had destroyed me and had a formal complaint against her.
  • How a church who call themselves christians can treat a destroyed person like vermin.
Please prepare to choose a non-conflicted panel who will include me in their report. Ie, no church of England members.

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