Monday, 14 July 2014

Volunteer/mediator needed

Dear Readers.
Thank you for supporting the blog.
If there is any among you who could spare a few weeks to help me, I would be pleased to hear from you.

The reasons I need help:

  • I am increasingly tired and in pain.
  • Despite my prolific writing on this blog, the whole inquiry, and the previous harm by the church has been too much for me, and is above my head and has worn me down.
  • I am battling health problems and am not able to fight my case and the health problems.
  • Bob Hill, who was helping me, is in Jersey and that has rendered him ineffective to help with some UK stuff, and he also never got an opportunity to take my full story and so it has been hard for him to help.
  • I need help, someone who can think clearly, make suggestions and help facilitate me to produce letters and reports. I can hardly think clearly when I am tired and in pain.
  • I got cross with Bob for making assumptions and doing things without my permission, I am unlikely to get angry if you can handle my case sensetively and work with me, not behind my back.
  • I am ideally looking for a female help, but I don't discriminate, anyone can volunteer, Bob was a safe man.. I would also prefer the volunteer to be in the UK rather than Jersey, but again, anyone who can help.
This is what I need help with:

  • Paperwork
  • writing or checking reports
  • explaining/clarifying - people do not take into account that I have learning difficulties, and they expect me to know everything, and I don't, Bob was a fiend for this! Me appearing intelligent does not mean I understand things.
  • mentoring, within boundaries, when I am struggling.
  • communication with and for me, I struggle to use a phone due to dysphasia, and this has been to my disadvantage throughout.
The role will not involve:

  • money
  • Travel
  • sympathy - I HATE IT
  • hands-on support or care

This volunteering role is for a few hours per week, for a limited time, until I am safe from harm from the church or until my health either improves or deteriorates.
Whoever takes the role needs to have clear boundaries and only work with me for a couple of hours per week, as I cannot relate to people for longer than that, I cannot work intensely with someone or have someone work intensely with me as I have reactive attachment disorder.
I know some people will suggest the CAB, but in Winchester they acted against me as the Bishop's wife worked for them, in Southampton they lied to me and fobbed me off, and generally they are overseen by a powerful member of the Church of England's cover up squad.

If you feel you could help, my email is

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