Sunday, 25 May 2014

Dakin's foolhardy public campaign of harm

When Bishop Dakin publicly launched on the Dean of Jersey, he either had enough evidence to take action, which didn't licence him to inflict the public damage he did anyway, or he didn't.
Either way, he is responsible for the publicity that is and will harm me, and he is responsible for the mess and he is responsible for stopping the harm to me, which wouldn't have occurred if he had dealt with discipline in private as most Bishops do.
There is no excuse for re-traumatizing a survivor who you have already had repeatedly beaten and imprisoned and who has gone on the run from you and rebuilt her life, destroying her life again twice and leaving her with no hope is utterly inexcusable.

The Question is, why is this criminal campaign of harm to me being allowed, when will it stop, who will stop it? Why haven't the police stopped it, and by the time someone steps in, if they do, will I be alive to be redeemed?

The other question is, why did Dakin not also suspend Jane Fisher and run an investigation into her misconduct, why was my complaint against her refused, even by head office, and the police, when even the Korris report shows where some of Fisher's wrongdoing occured, although in other places it is covered up, onmitted and excluded. Why has there been no investigations into Jane Fisher's slander and libel of me in Winchester and her illegal liason with police and council and homeless services to further harm me? Why were I and the Dean publicly defamed and not Fisher?
Whatever this 14-month destroyal of me has been about, it has not been about justice, truth, recompense or even safeguarding. Jane Fisher was not only allowed to continue to negatively influence this 14-month charade, she was also allowed to illegally refer me to the NSPCC after I made a complaint about her and made my feelings clear.

How to dehumanize someone, the Diocese have spent years doing it and have got it down to an art in leaving me waiting to be destroyed by the Steel report.

And Bishop Dakin has been able to investigate what? When the tight circle that denied the Korris report also hijacked the follow-up investigation? He has been able to investigate nothing, and has done trememndous harm, for half a million pounds that could have been better spent, for example providing for the Chichester survivors.

The church can readily spend money on showy investigations, but they don't provide for people damaged by their clergy, employees and systems.

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