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Who's who in Jersey - Judiciary etc

In March 2013, Bishop Dakin, five years too late, decided he was investigating part of what happened to me in Jersey, incomprehensibly he decided to launch a public attack on me and the Dean of Jersey by publishing the incomplete Korris Report and publicly suspending the Dean.

He had no idea about Jersey or the Jersey way, which is all about politicians covering up scandal at the expense of wronged people, and so his actions caused a hate and cover-up campaign against me by key interconnected church-judiciary-political-masonic figures, who arranged for the investigation to be done against me by one of their associates, Dame Heather Steel.

On my own, my protests to this would go unheard, and I would be treated as mad, as the Diocese branded me through the Korris report, and left me silenced and excluded from the whole matter despite shaming me in the press, having me illegally traced by police and left destroyed and humilaited.

I have not been interviewed for the investigation and am silenced and unheard as I continue to beg for help and for my next public destroyal, by the Steel report, to be averted.

Brief Who's who Judiciary:

  • Bridget Shaw, (see also church who's who) Jersey's magistrate, married to a Church of England clergyman who's church I was happily settled in until Jane Fisher and the Dean intervened, has a lot of power, obviously, in this matter and has played a part in ruining and imprisoning other whistleblowers such as former Senator Stuart Syvret.
  • Philip Bailhache, (lawyer, church, states) This is the man who caused outrage at a liberation day speech by claiming that the slur on Jersey from Haute de la Garenne was worse than the harm done to victims. This man has a long history of preventing investigation into abuse, and being obstructive to justice for victims, as described to me by a Jersey care home abuse survivor in person. He is the former Bailiff of Jersey and also a Senator, he is the Island's 'extrenal affairs' Minister, as well as being a trained lawyer and judge. Philip Bailhache led a smear campaign against me and also ensured my name was available to the general public whilst he was on a plane to England, presumably to meet the queen or Archbishop to get the Dean cleared. Philip Bailhache was conflicted in that he was a church officer who sat on the Deanery synod with my abuser, and he interchanged his church and states roles to use his power as a Senator and legal expertise to help clear the Dean. Philip Bailhache has no interest in the poor, vulnerable and abused and treats them without exception as troublemakers who spoil the status quo, he was against an 'outside investigation' into Haute de la Garenne but may well engineer the investigation to make Jersey look squeaky clean, as he has been able to in my case, at my expense.

  • William Bailhache is Philip Bailhache's brother, the two brothers were privately educated, in England! At Harrow, as far as I know; and both went on to hold government and judiciary positions in Jersey, they have a reputation for being the 'overlords' of Jersey, and making it into a 'feudal state' and dispensing one brand of justice for the wealthy and well-connected, and another for the poor. William Bailhache has been Bailiff and judiciary and various things the same as his brother, and both have got away with some glaring injustices because they are in charge, no-one oversees them, and England wont step in and even things out.

  • Michael Birt, Bailiff, (church, states, judiciary) very close to the Bailhache brothers, tends to be in agreement with them. Part of this tight inner circle.

  • Philip Falle, (church, states, judiciary)the same, part of the tight circle, was the one that 'disposed of me' for the Dean and church. Connected with the town church where the dean presides.

  • Ian LeMarquand.(church, states, judiciary, police) Absolutely famous for dodging issues. This is Jersey's Home Affairs Minister. He is also a Church of England Reader in the Jersey Deanery, he is also a friend of my abuser, and a supporter of the Dean. He also oversees the States of Jersey police.  These are all things that the Korris report, and definitely the Steel Report do not tell you, that Ian LeMarquand, and the other people on this page who have been involved against me and used their power and legal expertise to clear the Dean and damn me, are blatantly conflicted.

Notable memories of Ian LeMarquand for me include, him recounting to a meeting I was at, how, as magistrate, he had 'been merciful' and let off a man who followed a young girl into a toilet and 'had a look'.
Remembering that men do not do such things as one-offs, letting such a person off, and not registering that, means he can simply do that and worse, again.
Ian LeMarquand is also famous for putting a young man in prison after being asked to give this youngster a chance and a fresh start 'because God told him to' Now if anything is an example of the dangerous cult behaviour in the Jersey churches, that is. And it is a typical example.
On the subject, the rector who was helping me in the end of my time in Jersey, made it quite clear that wrongdoing was occuring and that he had conflicts with Ian LeMarquand about 'The Boys in LaMoye who shouldn't be there' - LaMoye being the prison where I was dumped for convenience too.

My abuser described Ian LeMarquand as his 'friend', and Ian LeMarquand's daughter, my former housegroup leader, told me that her father described it as a 'sad day' when my abuser was sacked from the church they worked at together, where Ian LeMarquand has remained as a church leader and reader licenced by the Diocese of Winchester.

Ian LeMarquand, along with Senator Bailhache, in their positions, have access to my police record and others, and my record was not an accurate view of things in the first place, as Jersey police have been very incompetent and damaging, but also these supporters of the Dean are free to access my records and to alos change and use them. It is thought that this was what Senator Bailhache had with him on the plane to England when he exposed my name and the  name of the churchwarden to fellow passengers.

Senator LeMarquand and Philip Bailhache are both also deeply entrenched in the issues around the Haute de la Garenne Children's home.

The Jersey Way:
Jersey isn't all good while people who speak up are made into criminals, Jersey is very corrupt and the fact that a billion pound finance industry is sitting on it is not a coincidence, people who 'rock the boat' for any member of the masons-money-church-judiciary-states circle, do get arrested and beaten and called mad and imprisoned, I am one of a few who have been discredited and destroyed and I know of one suicide from it and also there is St.uart, who has been ruined for speaking up, but he keeps speaking up.
Interestingly enough during my time in Jersey, the media smears of Stuart were such that I believed he was causing trouble, I was still quite naive of the Jersey way, but I was in conversation with a man called John, from St. Brelade, who explained to me, that Stuart was a good man, who spoke about things that needed to be spoken about, and that is why the government and their press were ruining him, to discredit him, to get people like me to believe he was mad and bad-which is exactly the same treatment I have suffered in the past 14 months.

There are quite a number of conflicted lawyers in my case, including the one who was sent to see me in the cells of the magistrates court, who started off by telling me I was in the wrong and that my side of things was irrelevant, I ended up with three different lawyers during that week, including one who was trained in English law and not allowed to represent me, no-one ever explained any of this to me, but the woman who represented me finally allowed me to be ruined and deported and then last year she caused me shock by contacting me and telling me that Heather Steel wanted access to my records, this was ludicrous and shocking, this woman who let me down contacting me in this way, asking to let the conflicted Dame Heather Steel access my records!

 I said NO, Steel hadn't bothered to contact me herself and was known to be conflicted by her connection to Philip Bailhache and the Jersey Judiciary, this was a violation and I refused, of course, but no doubt as the Bishop 'appointed' a member of the conflicted and biased Jersey police who had treated me so shockingly, to work with Steel, my records were undoubtedly accessed and used to damn me while I had no voice and no defence, yet another violation like rape from the Diocese of Winchester, and they claimed this was a safeguarding matter and to be investigating my complaint?!

The woman representing me in court is also reported to be the niece of a States member/former states member who attended, probably as dignitary, a Church of England church, possibly also as churchwarden.

Back to Judiciary - States - Church-etc, Most of those named are associated with the Town Church and the Dean. Most associate with a tight little club called CHOW, in church house, that my abuser also attends, and this same CHOW were allowed to gather the candidates of the St. Helier by-election together recently and blatantly ask each candidate why 'a bunch of christians' should vote for them?
Well I don't know about Christians, but this meeting led by the Dean and asking political candidates such a question is surely wrong, and in the past, one of the clergy involved in shunning and harming me for the Dean, was in trouble for supposedly biasing people as to what candidates to vote for.

The town church also hopes to re-elect my abuser as churchwarden there soon.



Here is an outsider's view of what goes on in Jersey, including my story:

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