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The 'Jersey Church of England Laity' a sample

The Diocese of Winchester, in their foolhardy attack on me, got the response from these people of a smear campaign against me that the Diocese did nothing about, and had these people using their power to uphold the Dean and, with states and judiciary connections, have me damned in the press.

The Jersey Laity employed Dame Heather Steel for their complaint against Tim Dakin, making it clear thus that Dame Steel was conflicted and could not also act to investigate the Jersey Deanery, as she couldn't act both for them and for the Diocese in an investigation and dispute.

I shall name a few of the laity, I am sure they wont mind, if they can speak up against me, I am sure they will want their names put to their attacks. That is right in God's eyes, I am sure.

This was my letter to these so-called Christians, as they continued to act in a dreadfully unchristian way in slandering me in the press and abusing their various powers, this letter comes c/o Bob Hill but can also be found on my blog

First a very important man. He was the subject of my 'on trial quiz' and few of quiz competitors could name him, it took a long time for him to be named. Have to give him the seat of honour.

Gerard LeFeuvre:

 My abuser's nephew, also, co-incidentally, Freemason, member of the Kings Chamber orchestra, music CD's published worldwide, also a member of the Church of England in Jersey.
I am guessing the Diocese of Winchester had no idea of the connection when they accused me of 'involving innocent people.
But who would Gerard use his influence to support in the Diocese and Deanery charade?

I remember Gerard from church, the churchwarden's wife absolutely adored him and his wife, she fawned on them, it was a little bit stomach churning really, it was the usual 'family pride' and 'knowing someone famous' and also her obsession with Victoria college boys and old boys, of which Gerard is one. Which in Jersey, counts for something.

Gerard LeFeuvre is not only known as a famous person, as my abuser's nephew, as a member of church and a 'Christian', or as a freemason, he is also know to be a friend of Philip Bailhache, See the Judiciary post. Philip Bailhache has led the smear campaign against me and campaign to clear the Dean.

A few years ago, when I was still in Jersey, Gerard won the competition for Jersey's National Anthem, this caused quite some upset and it was said that the competition was unfair and biased.
One of the judges was Philip Bailhache.

I had the misfortune of accidentally having to deal with Gerard some time after I had left the churchwarden's family, he responded to my advert where I was looking for piano lessons, and sadly, blunt and autistic, I told him he couldn't help me as he was my abuser's nephew.

Philip Bailhache, Ian LeMarquand, Micheal Birt, all members of the church laity and involved in smearing me and absolving the Dean through their powers and legal expertise. See:

Neville Brooks:

A vital key player in the defence of the churchwarden, Dean and Vicar. A church of England reader at the churchwarden and Vicar's church, also closest friend of the churchwarden and his wife, Neville Brooks and his wife were always close friends of the churchwarden and his wife, when their children were at school, and when he supported the churchwarden through his sacking from the other church where they both belonged and both left when the churchwarden was sacked.

Neville was very much into the cult, mind control and bad element of the church, praying that 'people would accept the new service pattern' ie no choice, and after I spoke about the abuse for the first time, he did a sermon about 'who's truth is the truth', ie how 'people' can 'misunderstand', appalling, he even made big hints about who it was aimed at.

There is no doubt of his continued involvement and maligning of me, which Jane Fisher strenuously denied as all in my mind, what, Jane Fisher doesn't think this man would support his best friends and thus I am insane?

This is despite the fact that Neville Brooks knew of the previous sacking and the chaperoning policy, which I didn't know about, and he did nothing, even when he saw the churchwarden touching me, even when he knew the churchwarden was taking me out alone and even when the churchwarden took me home to live.

Bruce Willing:

A former British Army captain, CBE, former churchwarden who sat on the Deanery Synod with my abuser.
Now when the Bishop launched on me and the Dean publicly, how exactly did he expect me to survive media attacks by people with this man's influence, and when did the Bishop actually take time to learn and state such people's position in these matters?
The Bishop showed no interest in the relationship between these people and the churchwarden or Dean and certainly never made sure, for my sake that he responded to their media attacks by stating these things!
Instead, after launching his public suspension of the Dean he showed no interest whatsoever in the harm to me, nor even the situation in Jersey, preferring to let a PR company release irrelevant press statements.

There are many more people involved, all well-heeled, with some influence and able to act against me for the Dean and churchwarden. Why did the Bishop launch on the Dean publicly and then not deal with the consequences, especially the consequences to me? Why has he left me suffering and ignored my concerns of a biased report and is going to basically kill me with it? Why has he done this after claiming this whole shambles to be because 'The Diocese are commited to safeguarding'?
Who have they safeguarded? Not me, they have destroyed me, and they have also ensured that no-one in their right mind or otherwise, with a legitimate complaint of abuse, will ever speak up, because in my case I am held up as 'Thus shall be done to the person who is guilty of the crime of being abused and the worse crime of speaking up'!

Nor have they actually done anything to improve safeguarding in Jersey or even investigate my complaint properly, nor did they deal with the other half of things, the way Jane Fisher dealt with me and my abusers in Jersey and Winchester. Nothing has changed in Jersey and Winchester, because neither lot of wrongdoers is going to accept responsibility, instead they are going to publicly damn me in a report I have had no say in but Jane Fisher and the wrongdoers in Jersey have! And no-one, not even the police, will stop them.

And as my abuser goes on to be re-elected, he has the encouragement that he can abuse if he wishes, the church are behind him and will destroy any victim who dares to speak up.

comments from Bob's blog: My advocate who didn't represent me properly was apparently the niece of a states member and staunch supporter of the Dean:

  • It will be difficult for the Steel Report to record that Bob Key did "everything" right because on being reinstated at the end of April he apologised and he said "he regrets the mistakes he made in the safeguarding processes and upon reflection, it would have been more helpful if he had co-operated more fully with the Korris Review."

    On 29th April I published a Blog on the Dean's reinstatement and apology which can be read by clicking onto the following site
    click here

    If the Steel Report is published it will be interesting to see how the point above is covered.

  • Oh 3 jeers for good old Tel Boy, the former fastest milk man in the East. He has not yet captured how his spell check works but at least he is still trying, yes very trying.

    Yes it’s good to remind us how the Dean and his wife work behind public scrutiny, has he not read the Korris Report and how they dealt with HG’s complaint behind closed doors. Yes they have changed some people’s lives but I don’t suppose HG will thank them for changing hers.

    How Christian was the levelling of charges against HG and how unfortunate it was for HG to have Terry’s niece representing her in Court and plead that she be Bound Over.

    Great work Terry, Jersey still needs you to score a few own goals.
  • Terry's niece (mis) represented HG in court? it gets better by the day and not a wander the conflicted Dame Heather didn't want to look at the court case.

  • When did the Diocese actually work out the connections in this matter? Before, after or never?

    There were quite a number of other biases that affected me while in Jersey, this included a number of doctors and charity representatives being in the church and thus I was not able to access help and was humiliated by doctors, as they knew my abuser and his wife, who were also involved in at least one charity I was driven away from.

    On an island like Jersey, if you make enemies in high places, your life is ruined.

    Does the Bishop know or care, from Winchester, who is related to who, who has been asked to write to him without stating their real connections with the matter? Does the Bishop care? Does he question the false witness being borne to him? Does he even bother to read any of it?
    One thing he doesn't do is take responsibility for the fact that he launched this attack, and although the reaction was not Christian or right, he is responsible for the reaction and the harm being caused, and he is also responsible for allowing Steel to defame me and make my life unlivable and he is responsible for stopping that harm to me and letting me live, as there is no excuse for a 'safeguarding' investigation that destroys a survivor for no adequate or acceptable reason and does not actually investigate or achieve anything.

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