Sunday, 25 May 2014

The cover up that was covered up.

Of course there was no mention in the Korris report, and will be no mention in the Steel report, of the powerful and interconnected people in Jersey linked to the abuser and the Dean, and how they have used their power, money and legal expertise and ability to access records and influence people, against me to absolve the Dean.

The terrible thing is about the 14 month twisted charade that claims to be an investigation is that the Diocese have tried to make it look genuine by using words like 'independently led' enquiry, although there is no-one independent leading any part of the enquiry, and Korris, who was not qualified to investigate, uses Baroness Butler-Sloss's name in vain, while John Gladwin, who also led the Chichester report, is figureheaded in this too. But no genuine investigation has been carried out, only 14 months of villifying me publicly and causing me distress.

Instead of the Bishop publicly explaining that he has no power whatsoever to discipline clergy in Jersey and had no right or reason to publicly attack them and me, he is preparing to publish a report done against me to destroy me.

Just to add this as well:

And you must laugh at the comment on this one, because it is so utterly true!

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