Thursday, 29 May 2014

More Masonic Musings

I was supposed to be resting, but after an enjoyable morning at the daycentre, I came home to rest and got drawn into researching Freemasonry in Jersey and in the church.
Fascinating and vast subject.

According to a number of sources and reports:

  • The Bailhache Brothers are Freemasons, despite Philip Bailhache claiming to the contrary.
  • The Dean of Jersey is a Freemason.
  • The Churchwarden's nephew is a Freemason
  • Reverend Adrian Pearce, of the Jersey Deanery, is a Freemason.
My own experiences:

  • FM, who also abused me in the church, is a freemason.
  • The member of the church PCC and senior church figure who supported him when I told JM about FM abusing me, was/is a senior ranking Freemason.
I have to say that the masonic involvement can be classed as guesswork or heresay, but it remains that people involved were/are Freemasons.

JM once told me that in her previous church, she had had trouble with the Freemasons in church ganging up on her when she complained about something one of them did, she added that FM had become a Freemason partly to upset her, and that it was one of his 'fads' like going to the Salvation Army or Probus was.

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