Monday, 26 May 2014

waking from nightmares

Waking from prison nightmares.

Why, when I had complained to the Bishop about her and she had helped to have me put in prison, was Jane Fisher allowed to rape me by setting the church of england prison chaplain on me, especially as I specifically requested a non-church of england chaplain?

Why was she then allowd to slander and libel me to all clergy in Winchester and all my old church friends in Winchester so that I was shunned?

Why was the Diocese allowed to violate my by tracing me and then not deal with my complaint or help me?
Why did they proceed to threaten me and cause me distress, deal with the Deanery's complaint not mine, and try to illegally refer me to the NSPCC?

Why did the Bishop allow an investigation influenced by Jane Fisher so that she could protect herself, and when is he going to call off this farce and run an investigation into my complaint?

Why has he allowed exactly the same as happened before, to happen again?

The diocese believe me to be the weakest link, who they can keep destroying, with the police and social services and all other authorities backing them, because the police and social services wont listen to me and hear my side and treat me as mad, basically Dakin can wriggle out of his half a million mistake of attacking the dean in the press and illegally dragging me into it, and Jane Fisher  can continue to get away with the horrific damage and illegal violations of me.

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