Sunday, 25 May 2014

when does a victim get excluded from an investigation?

The reality is, it was quite clear from the Bishop and his chaplain in the beginning that my input in the investigation was unwelcome, I had been traced and violated and left fearful and distressed just for the churches, own reasons, for show, and because concerned people were contacting the Diocese about me.

The Diocese never have cared, and it shows in the threats from the Bishop when I begged the Diocese not to do a repeat of 2010/11 where they slandered, smeared and violated me in my old home town of Winchester and I was left raging, rejected and devastated, there was nothing more unChristian than what they did then in leaving me outcast and getting me beaten and detained for my reaction, and nothing more unChristian than the Bishop threatening me last year after they illegally had me traced through the police and I begged them not to continue to harass me and drive me from my community - but they did.

I am voiceless and defenceless in a situation where the church can go on harming me, and if it wasn't for Bob Hill and this blog, it is quite obvious I would have been excluded completely from investigations, as I have been, and would go unheard, as I have.

The interconnected wrongdoers in the Deanery have had plenty of voice, in the press against me, and to Dame Steel, who has acted for them, while I have been made to suffer for 14 months.

Safeguarding investigation? No, a half-million pound waste of money and 14 months of harm to someone who has survived too much and wont survive much more.

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