Friday, 17 January 2014

letter to the Bishop

Dear Bishop of Winchester,

while the police refuse to protect me from you, I will continue to plead.

You claimed in the press to have provided help for me, but you had not got my permission to arrange help or refer me to anywhere, and after the severe damage you had done to me, and are doing, your 'arrangement of help for me' without any consent from me, was simply a violation and a continuation of years of damaging, unjust and immoral violations of me by the diocese of Winchester, and also it remains that you had not at any time taken my full story into account and had threatened me with an unjust court order that came about as a result of your Diocese's incompetence, lack of safeguarding, and untruths about me to police and court.

The fact that you referred me to the NSPCC without my consent or imput, when they failed me as a child and have connections with Jimmy Savile and have made things worse for his victims, and you have unlawfully passed information, undoubtedly incorrect information as your employees have done wrong and covered up, has further violated and harmed me.

I remain deeply traumatized, a fugitive, living in fear of the Diocese of Winchester and unable to either remove myself from poverty and restore my health, or live a normal life.
As a citizen of this country, I have the right to live in peace, be protected by law, and carry out normal every day life, your ongoing harm to me has prevented me from doing this for over three years now, and especially in the past year when you have ripped my new life apart.

I am in poor health as a result of abuse and trauma, police brutality and psychological harm from Jane Fisher. I cannot visit a doctor as I believe that is how the police may have traced me last year to enable you to use me in your self-glorifying pretence of caring about safeguarding, which resulted in the Jersey Deanery hate campaign against me and months of negative, libellous and inaccurate press coverage against me, including your untruth about apologizing to me while you harmed me yourself by omitting me from investigations, treating me like dirt and threatening me.

Why did you threaten me when it was you who launched on me? It shows that the Diocese has learned nothing about safeguarding or Christianity, because that is a repeat of what has happened all along, the diocese fail me, violate me, and attack me legally for my response! I am utterly disgusted, you have permenantly removed my quality of life and every single day for me is weighed down by being a fugitive and branded criminal, while my abusers do not suffer any of this, and even if justice was ever done, not one of the wrongdoers in this will ever suffer what I am suffering.
Not that I would wish this on any of them but Jane Fisher. Who's unpunished dishonesty and bullying and support of the the wrongdoers proclaims that the diocese of winchester remains the friend of abusers and an enemy of real safeguarding.

I recently saw an amusing article about how safeguarding in the diocese is better than ever. Oh yes? I remain destroyed, I remain branded and my abusers remain protected by the church, Jane Fisher was not publicly suspended and made to do a fake apology like Bob key, so how has safeguarding improved? Jane Fisher is still there after having an abuse victim destroyed, safeguarding has not improved. My complaint against Jane Fisher has not been dealt with, safeguarding has not improved, you have re-destroyed me and left me in a very very hopeless half-life and tried to refer me without my consent to another abusive organization, safeguarding has not improved.

You have ensured that anyone who wishes to rape, assault or abuse me can, and I am without defence as the police would look up my records as soon as I reported abuse, and see that you have had me branded, and would batter me and lock me up again, all while I can only afford to either live on the streets or in slums where abuse can and does occur and I have been assaulted and threatened.
I have to live in the same conditions as rapists and murderers because of what you have inflicted on me, worse, because they are usually not ashamed as I am, and can access medical help or housing benefit without the risk of being traced by their destroyers in the way I feel I am at risk of you continuing to trace and harm me.

So, being unable to see a doctor, I cannot get help with my physical health and have to do what I can to splint the problems myself. 
I also cannot seek work as my health is damaged both physically and emotionally and I have no ability or faith in myself to achieve anything, and live in poverty, only barely off the streets and suffering trauma as a result of what has been done to me by the diocese of Winchester. The record that you gave me means I am excluded from most work, and will never have a career or earn anything more than the minimum wage if anyone would employ me, and with my health and circumstances, it is unlikely that I would ever get work.
Thus my life is basic, I try to make money for food last, I try to stay living indoors and look after myself, but the horror and shame of what Jane Fisher, and you, have inflicted on me, is often overwhelming, but is still not mental illness as Jane Fisher so wants it to be, because it is a reality.

When I was young, I was abused in my family, and I saw members of my family abuse, I saw them steal, do drugs, deal drugs, vandalize, have illegal cars, but they never got a record, they were never left shamed and ruined and in poverty and branded, publicly villified in the press. By so-called Christians, because they didn't bother with church, I did, and I got a record for it, while those who deliberately did wrong got away with it and have better quality of life than me.

It was the Bishop and Diocese of Winchester who did this to me, and have continued to do this to me, while calling themselves Christians, while covering up for the sake of the church's reputation, while threatening and branding me, because they allowed abusers to access me through their churches, allowed me to be belittled, abused, walked on, blamed, branded for reactions that would not have been if I had been properly safeguarded and protected and heard, rather than the wrongdoers being safeguarded, protected and heard.
You call yourself a Christian, Bishop Dakin, and you claim to have done this in the name of safeguarding, no Christian could stand before God and claim that the lies and half-truths and cover-ups were done because Christ taught or condoned such behaviour!

I am living death, and no human being could be suffering worse than this, it is on a par with starvation and other sufferings, I am trapped beyond any hope of normal life, and I am begging God for my death, at which event you and the police who have enabled you to harm me and refused to protect me, will again brand, label and slander me in the press rather than being responsible.
I know Jesus went through this too, but that does not make it any easier.

Please: restore my liberty, human rights and right to live and earn a living in my own country.
Please, stop having reports published that omit and harm me.
Please stop violating my basic human rights.
Please stop making illegal referrals of me.
Please stop coming after me and slandering me to communitys, launching on me with the police and press, stating untruths and inaccuracies in the press and threatening me for begging you to get off me.

I ask in Jesus Name that you restore what you have taken from me, my home, my career, my health, my transport, my wage, my volunteer career, the friendships you ripped from me by slandering me to the Winchester Deanery, churches and community, my clean record, my freedom, my access to medical and financial help, my car, all of my posessions and qualifications. AND MOST OF ALL, JUSTICE. WHICH INCLUDES JANE FISHER BEING CALLED TO ACCOUNT AND NOT LYING HER WAY OUT OF HER WRONGDOING.

When you can do those things and I can have a safe and full life again, then you can consider yourselves to be helping me and can consider yourselves on the way to better safeguarding.
If things remain as they are, you are driving me agonizingly painfully and in utter horror and distress, towards full death, and I can tell you this long slow crawl through half-death, outside of society is agony beyond your imagining.

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