Tuesday, 14 January 2014

the ould bully is back

Obviously Peter Ould is shooting his mouth off about me again, I have stats from his sex blog on my site, so he is still an unashamed school bully, what a shame. He loves to prove how much contempt he has for God by adding to the Diocese's harm of me and jeering about me. Poor man, he must be quite insecure.
School bullies usually belong in school, but I guess the church of england is where they end up when schools out.
Sex blogger Peter Ould, who represents why the church of england is finished and should be disbanded as it has no morals and is nothing to do with Jesus, should find someone else to bully in order to get his kicks. Jesus is not going to be pleased to see him when he marches arrogantly into heaven, because he doesn't love or honour Jesus.
Please do not access my blog from the ould bully's sex blog, to me, that is the same as living in a house where an unmarried couple sleep together, it is not something I want in my life.

I don't suppose the ould bully gave anyone the link to my day to day blog, because he would rather I was a branded villian for his colleagues in Jersey than a human being who has been destroyed and abused. He himself is re-abusing me by attacking my life through his sex blog.


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