Tuesday, 14 January 2014

'It might affect his CRB check'

Even early on, during that first summer, the churchwarden was extremely tactile and would get me to go to him and would hold my hand while he talked to other church members.
He also took to picking me up off the ground outside church, and his wife obviously disapproved of that, I didn't really understand.
But he would lift me right off the ground, he would do this whether his wife was there or not, but I did not know it wasn't right, until the man at Autism Jersey told me it wasn't right.

But his wife was very strange about it, she did not explain, she got annoyed with him about it but told me that it was 'because it might affect his CRB check.

Having been CRB checked myself, I knew that him picking me up off the ground would do nothing of the sort. and I told her this but she would not explain, she just said that church people had noticed and it could affect his CRB.

This added to the puzzlement and shame already building up in this unhealthy relationship.

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