Sunday, 12 January 2014

continued reply to the very Jane Fisher commment on the needle blog, I remember Jane Fisher telling me things like that she was a good driver and that she never judges, and other inflated ego statements, she certainly does judge, and condemn, she judged and condemned me until I was destroyed

Through the night I have been wondering, if the current diocese of Winchester safeguarding is better than ever, what was it like before? Because during the recent 'investigation' I had to deal with harm such as Dame Steel liasing with Jersey police and my former advocate without my consent and for no reason as she was not investigating my arrest and deportation but only the clergy misconduct.
Senior figures overseeing Jersey police and in Jersey judiciary are also senior figures in the church there and leading the campaign against me, and with my side omitted from investigations, I do wonder how any of this included safeguarding me? It didn't, I have suffered months of stress and damage as a result.

Has safeguarding really improved from the very recent years when Jane Fisher violated my pastoral relationship in Jersey and wrecked it and blamed me for my fury? Has it improved at all from the Diocese giving the police one side of things and omitting that they were provoking me and violating my human rights and refusing, since 2008 to actually deal with my complaints, which they still have not dealt with? How has safeguarding in the Diocese improved? Jane Fisher has not been suspended as Bob key was, and has not apologized or been called to account, she goes on, without conscience after destroying me, and still works with vulnerable people, when if she and the Diocese had effectively dealt with the abusers, even preventing them from being in their positions after previous allegations, I would not have a police record or be destroyed, destitiute and a fugitive because the Diocese will not stop unlawfully violating my life and using my reaction against me.

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