Tuesday, 1 July 2014

last year, the police who destroyed me claiming they wanted to prosecute my abuse - because the diocese intervened 5 years too late and wanted him prosecuted for their own reasons

Good morning,

Well yesterday evening I got something that made me angry, it was a message from someone calling themselves 'Denis McGee' and the message was titled 'States of Jersey Police investigation', it seems to have been a waste of time telling that tinpot corrupt police force that is overseen (or not really overseen) by my abuser's friend,. that there is no investigation and they are to get off my back.
I think maybe they can't even read, so my previous email asking them to stop harrassing me seems to have been disregarded.

There is no investigation because there is no just and unbiased judge in Jersey, they have a choice of Philip Bailhache, who ran a hate campaign against me, magistrate Bridget Shaw who is the wife of the rector of St. Clements, the magistrate who had me destroyed for the Dean, or the magistrate who has been in prison for fraud, and none of those are going to give a just judgement.

when is someone going to step in and get the police and the church of England off my back?

Last night I went to do my homework in church as choir practiced, I am going to end up recruited to choir one day, but I will dodge that as long as I can, a choir lady came in and said she had heard I was doing my walk again and where was the sponsor form? word has already gone around.
After choir I went for my walk, looked at the scene around me, the lights of the road, the water in the dark, the train track, everything that to me is beautiful, because I love it, and because it is freedom, and I thought 'why should the cold senseless diocese and police rip this from me just for their own agenda? why wont someone stop them?! when will someone stop them?!'.

I went to my sleeping place, and it was tension that kept me awake, not the usual weekend noise, my blood was boiling about the tinpot police contacting me.
My friend must have been suffering insomnia too, she texted me at nearly midnight, her texts included 'are you coming next weekend?'
Oh no!
Next weekend is already absolutely packed! The last thing I need is a trip to London as well! Even so, in some ways I do need a trip to London, and so I will have to think hard about it.
Next weekend, the anniversary of me leaving Jersey occurs on one of the busiest weekends in the busiest month of my life since I was made homeless, the volume of things happening is incredible and it is also lovely to be part of it all, but on the other hand, there is a distinct possibility that the diocese and police will launch their full-on attack then in order to fulfil their own agenda and stop me returning to Jersey, which is silly because why would I return to the corrupt Godless island?  Why would I leave everything I love, in order to go and live in a dictatorship where I have no rights, no voice and the distinct possibility of being brutalized and imprisoned?!

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