Monday, 30 June 2014

Blogs, cover ups and what a mess

I am not writing much at the moment, I am too tired.

I am interested to see that a number of people are viewing the old post about Peter Ould.
I don't know why.
It isn't very interesting.

I am thinking vaguely about the completely useless mess the Diocese caused by launching on the Deanery of Jersey.
Korris report - inaccurate and never amended, now swiftly removed by the diocese to cover their own backs.
Steel report - the Jersey Deanery's hijack of the diocese of winchester's criminally stupid public campaign against the deanery of Jersey.
Gladwin report - he has gone on an excursion to see if people are allowed to be gay there yet, he will get back to us on that.
Jersey safeguarding report - If we are to judge by Jane Fisher, safeguarding means attacking vulnerable abuse victims and destroying them, expect the same from a conflicted safeguarding panel that contains the same police officer that the Bishop 'appointed' to liase with Dame Steel and illegally access my records for both reports.

So, as yet, no impartial report that includes me, just a load of cover ups for everyone else involved, at my expense.

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