Friday, 4 July 2014

Follow up email to Senator Gorst 2

16:36 (18 hours ago)
to i.gorst 
Dear Senator Gorst,

It is Thursday Afternoon and I have had no response to my emails to you.

I asked you if, since you were prepared to run a whitewash inquiry into my treatment in Jersey in order to make Jersey look squeaky clean and have me further villified,
if you would equally look into members of your government running a smear campaign and lying in the press and media about me? which you did not act upon at the time even though it was unseemly behaviour for government officers, to say the least. 
And now that you are aware of the harm done to me by that, and you consider a safeguarding investigation that excludes me appropriate, it is time that you took my concerns into account.

Considering your recent pledge about disabled people, I am surprised at your lack of response.


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