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Formal letter to Jersey's safeguarding chair 29/06/2014

Dear mrs Johnstone, nice to see you reading this letter but why? Did something prompt you to view it? Now scrap your whitewash and stop harassing me.

 Dear Mrs Johnston,

This is a formal cease and desist warning letter against your harassment of me through the Jersey authorities.
As soon as I am defamed by your publishing of any report done for the Jersey Authorities who have destroyed me, you will be served with a summons to appear in court.

I state that I have not at any point authorized or agreed to an inquiry into how I was treated in Jersey by you or your 'safeguarding board' and the inquiry was initiated by conflicted government members in Jersey and is thus invalidated.

I did not and have not authorized you or your board to access any records on my case, especially not police, social services, charity or medical records, and if you have done so, you have done so illegally.

You did not inform me of your investigation at the start, I was informed in a roundabout way by Jersey's only true and truthful media, the Jersey bloggers, and you still didn't contact me. A year has gone by, and in February this year it was stated in the States of Jersey as a result of Mike Higgins badgering you, that your report was nearly complete and you were attempting to make contact with me.

This was ludicrous as you were doing nothing of the sort, it was widely known that Bob Hill was representing me, and you made no attempt to contact him, I emailed Jersey Safeguarding twice and got no response, no attempt was made to contact me.

Suddenly, on Friday lunchtime on Friday 27th June, right at the end of the working week, I received an email, to this address, and where did you get this address from? You emailed me, starting your email with 'Ms' ******
 firstly there is no such person, and secondly I have NEVER in any capacity referred to myself as Ms, so why should anyone else? Start by insulting me when contacting me about a whitewash report that is already completed.

You have completed a report, without any permission from me to proceed with a report, without any permission from me to access any records, you have completed a report on material illegally provided by people who have done wrong and covered up, you have completed a report without my consent or knowledge and without permission, that constitutes a breach of my human rights, and as you are based in the UK, I am able to raise this matter, as part of the bigger picture, with the European Court of Human Rights, as well as bringing a case against you in the UK.

You have basically acted purely on the behalf of authorities in Jersey who have behaved terribly and have been proven to keep inaccurate records on my case, you have caused me distress, dispair and anguish, you are thus not acting in a safeguarding capacity, and never have been, you are purely acting on behalf of a government who have not learned anything from their cover up of the Children's home abuse and have created your safeguarding board merely as a showcase, and while you have produced a report that omits me, the same as the DIocese of Winchester's reports omit me, you are safeguarding no-one except the wrongdoers in Jersey's authorities.

Who comissioned this report you are doing against me? And for what purpose? I gather the Chief Minister did, for the Diocese of Winchester who have destroyed me, the chief minister has allowed, without any attempt at restraint, one of his ministers, Philip Bailhache, to run a public smear campaign against me and abuse his office to do so, the chief minister has responded to this dreadful unethical and completely unprofessional behaviour by promoting Philip Bailhache to the position of external affairs minister, and turned his back against calls that Philip Bailhahce breached the data protection act over my case.

So, this report is for whom and for what purpose? For a Chief Minister who has already condoned public defamation of me by one of his ministers and promoted that said minister without making him accountable or facing disciplinary action. 
Please see the following links regarding the government minister in question, please copy and paste if the link doesn't come up:

This is the same government Minister who did not and does not want the independent care inquiry by Frances Oldham and her team and has repeatedly undermined and insulted abuse victims in Jersey. His liberation day speech in 2008 was described to me by one survivor as 'a knife through her heart' as he described how the 'biggest damage' was that to Jersey's reputation.
Thus I and other survivors see any mishandled reports such as yours that is finished without my views, as a whitewash done to protect Jersey's reputation, being such a powerful financial centre, it appears that this means reputation comes first, although the dirt from Jersey is becoming less and less containable and increasingly the word about what is really going on in Jersey, is spreading to the wider world.
I see your finished report that omits me and has illegally accessed my records as part of the whitewashes that are starting to be seen through. I do not see you contacting me at the last minute, on completion of this illegal report as anything other than harmful and a pretence of including me. Safeguarding should never be a process or organization that causes the distress, helplessness and fear that you have and are causing me by the production of your report, and thus, as chair of this report, I am holding you personally responsible and have every intention of taking you to court in the UK as well as including you in the ECHR case.

I will counter any defamatory reports by you that have been created without my permission and input by informing local and national press of my views and of the harm being done to me, and ensuring that any and every system of action against you is instigated and upheld.

Eventually Jersey will not hide behind sham investigations and cover ups, and eventually a few powerful people who are currently beyond the reach of the law because of their status, will be called to account, I will play a part in that, in life or death, and I will bring a case against you in the meantime if your actions in doing a report against me to cover for wrongdoers, does not stop.

No inquiry carried out within Jersey is independent, the example of Senator Gorst supposedly launching this inquiry while condoning sentaor Bailhache's behaviour and promoting him is an example, and the wonderful illusion of you being outside of Jersey and thus independent fails at the point where you have ignored the conflicted ministerial situation and also proceeded with this report without my consent or knowledge, without my consent for access to any records and have completed the report without my views and have contacted me in an impolite manner at the end, as a token. The Jersey Way lives, thrives and blossoms with your illusion of independence. You being outside of Jersey does not seem to have made your inquiry independent of 'The Jersey Way' - covver ups first and foremost, at the expense of victims, at all.

I am formally warning you to cease and desist from your harmful actions in bringing a biased and defamatory report against me on behalf of Jersey's very unprofessional government and I fully intend to fight your harmful actions against me that you are carrying out on their behalf.

As you are in the UK, I am able to file against you as soon as I wish, and as necessary I will return to Jersey to file there as well. Your report is done on behalf of a man, Senator Gorst,  who allowed his colleague to send this letter, please copy and paste if the link didn't come up:

 And then Senator Gorst promoted him to external affairs minister without any disciplinary action, and is thus your report is completely invalid and irrelevant to my case, your report being instigated by a man who actually condones the harm to me his external affairs minister has inflicted and your report having illegally accessed my records and breached the data protection act, is simply a whitewash to cover what has happened to me and make Jersey look squeaky clean for it's finance industry reuptation.
Senator Gorst, after condoning or excusing Senator Bailhache's behaviour, did not contact me to discuss a report into my treatment, he launched it without my consent or knowledge and also failed to let my representative, Bob Hill know, and you have failed to communicate about my case with Bob Hill, despite obviously knowing, having been comissioned by Senator Gorst, who knew, that Bob Hill was representing me, instead, you failed until the last minute to make contact with or about me at all.
I have no doubt that you knew I would react with anger and pain and rebuff you, and you could use that against me.

And, being 'Safeguarding' you appear to have completely failed to take into account that I am too traumatized by what happened to me in Jersey to even think about it, let alone talk about it, and have repeatedly commented on my blogs about similar situations where the Diocese of Winchester have forced this Jersey matter onto me while my memory is blanked by trauma and I cannot even discuss the matter with the psychologist, because the trauma shuts my memory down, and the psychologist has said that blanked memories are blanked by my brain deliberately to prevent me from breaking down. Now what the whole dire Jersey and Winchester mess has done, is force the past, which remains far too traumatic for me to face, back into my life, and I have suffered 16 months of unremitting hell as a result, with no justice, no redress, just a load of severely damaging situations that omit my voice and story and have dragged me into memories that I remain unable to cope with and attempt to access the blanked memories which may well lead to me being incapacitated or dead.

You are playing a full part in dragging me into the trauma that is beyond my reach, you are putting me under needless and horrendous stress, for the sake of a conflicted whitewash that is of no benefit to me, to anyone else, or to Jersey, it will not change the Jersey Way and it will not change the reality of what I experienced, it will not bring justice, it will not mean that the click Jersey words 'lessons have been learned' will ring true, because that will never happen.
Your report and is a meaningless whitewash that is the opposite of safeguarding in that it is playing a part in destroying me to cover up for wrongdoers and conflicted members of the States, and now that you have this letter, no matter what you produce, this letter is now published online on my blogs and circulated to the police, the Jersey bloggers and other interested parties and will remain live forever, even outliving me if these attacks on my life through reports and smears do not stop.
And now that you aware of what is being done to harm me, as 'Independent Safeguarding Chair' you are obliged to act to protect me.
So how are you going to go about doing that?

You do not have my permission to produce any harmful or defamatory material that omits my side, and as the report is supposedly about my treatment but is, as far as I am concerned a sham, you do not have my permission to proceed, you do not and have not had my permission to access any police or social services or charity or other records or discuss me with anyone, you do not have my permission to publish anything that you have so far collated or produced, because it omits my side of things, and contacting me at the last minute regarding a report that you have produced without consent is unacceptable and breaches my human rights and I see it only as a further act of harassment and harm to my health, which is unacceptable for a 'Safeguarding board'. I did not ask for a report, and, because it is dangerous to trigger my memories of Jersey, and so far not a single person in 16 months has taken that into account, how am I supposed to tell you what is behind the blank trauma that according to psychological advice I must not recall??? Did Senator Gorst consider that when he launched this report without my consent? And what do you in Safeguarding want to do, with your token contact of me regarding the report? Force me into a dangerous state for the sake of a sham report? Or just contact me so that it shows on record that you did and I violently rejected you and am thus the mad bad person that the police and government claim I am, I know Jersey is 50 years behind the times, but, as safeguarding, and you from the UK, I think you should understand that I am suffering severe PTSD.

PTSD caused by being regressed to childhood by a churchwarden with no psychological training, when my first childhood was horrific, and being left regressed and rejected in the community because I reported the abuse, and being severely brutalized and locked up the same day the police EMAILED ME the results of the police complaint against the churchwarden, then left traumatized by the illegal and uncalled for police brutality and detention - the Jersey way punishment for reporting an old boy - and left to go on suffering one blow after another until I was left homeless and destitute on the streets of the UK in MY PYJAMAS, which the home affairdsminister, who is also a church of england reader with a long association with my abuser, denies.

Your report and all other reports so far omit me, and this matter having been launched on me while I was homeless, ill and traumatized, has been horrific, because I was and am, in no fit state to relive the horrors of Jersey or to have survived the smear campaign, led by Senator Bailhache and other conflicted church-states-judiciary members, and it appears not to be in your remit to investigate this smear campaign even though it is gross harm to a vulnerable adult by members of Jersey's States, judiciary and church, most in all three categories, including Senator Bailhache, who was a church officer who sat on the synod with my abuser, and Ian LeMarquand who is not just overseer of the police in his role of Home Affairs Minister, but who also is a reader in the church my abuser was sacked from previous to abusing me, and a long time associate of my abuser.
If anyone reading this didn't believe that Jersey has problems with conflict of interests, read the paragraph above again.

so, unless Sentor Gorst is going to allow you to extend your investigation to cover this complaint also, then your report is invalid, you are the safeguarding authority, you are now obliged by me to investigate the smear campaign against me, led by Senator Bailhache and other prominent members of Jersey society and the lies they produced in the press, and if you are not willing so to do, on my comission, and I, as a vulnerable adult, have as much right as Senator Gorst, to comission an investigation, then you are making a clear statement that your other investigations without my consent are invalid

Please ensure that you read the relevant information on my case on the following blogs, you may have to search or ask for the relevant posts, the blogs are the true story that Jersey's other media are not keen to reveal:

Please remember, you have been formally asked to stop harming me, and this email is valid as from today, any harm inflicted after this letter will be seen as deliberate and malicious and not valid as safeguarding as you will be aware of the harm you are inflicting.

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