Wednesday, 2 July 2014

follow up email to Jersey's Chief Minister

Place bets on reply from Senator Gorst: No reply, waffle and lies in reply, genuine reply.
Genuine reply is the outsider at 4,0000 to 1.

10:42 (14 minutes ago)
to i.gorstBobMichael.higginssafeguardingbo.infosojp
Dear Senatory Gorst,
I notice you haven't yet responded to my email forbidding further harm to me by the sham investigation and also calling for the damaging and traumatic smear campaign by members of your government to be investigated.

Now having my input, you cannot ignore the matter I have raised, 
you cannot claim to authorize an investigation into my treatment, without my consent and ignore the harm done to me by members of your government, especially Ian LeMarquand and Sentaor Bailhache.

There has also been no response to my concerns by the so-called 'Safeguarding' panel.
I know Tuesday is a busy day, but you would have got my concerns on Monday if not before, and it is now mid-morning on Wednesday.

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